About Me

My name is Rebecca and I've been a gamer since I was 12 (which is when I bought my N64). I've been playing WoW since spring 2005, and have mostly been maining a disc/holy priest during that time. I jumped mains between priest, druid and warlock before I settled for priest somewhere around spring 2006, and I've been stuck with it ever since. I've also played every other class up to 80 (soon 85) since I'm an altoholic and enjoy trying everything in WoW at least once. Currently I particularly enjoy prot tanking, enhancement dps, paladin healing and mage dps (beside priest healing of course), but I like to keep up to date with most classes and specs (except rogues and warlocks actually). I also play alot of other games, read loads of books and think about stuff way too much. That is mostly what this blog is about, enjoy!

My Twitter can be found @JinxedThoughts!

If you have any questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to mail me at jinxedthought@gmail.com. (I only check it once a week or so, so don't worry if it takes some days for me to answer!)