Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Deathbringer Saurfang

We've gotten around to kill Saurfang now. We only got one try on him on our first raid, and since no one had read about any tacs we wiped at around 30% or so. On sunday we did a second ID raid where we downed all bosses and yesterday we did a followup on the first raid to finally down this guy. Thanks to some alts I was present on both kills.

Our first kill (guild first) was quite smooth. We had one wipe due to the fact that 8/10 in the raid never had done the fight before. It isn't hard actually but some events just have to be seen to properly know how to handle them. Second try went by the book tho and no deaths. I tanked him that try and our second kill I healed him. As a healer there isn't much to think about, to be honest I think you could manage with only two healers that fight (we had three). You would want one or two pointhealers and/or a cushion healer like a druid. The main thing to keep track of would be the Mark that Saurfang casts on a random raid member after having collected 100 energy, this energy is collected by varying skills. He also from time to time hits quite hard so being ready to pick a tank up from a nasty swing is good (which a healer should be in any raidfight). At 25% he frenzies, doing more damage, but nothing that was too noticeble actually.

Tanking him was a litte more troublesome but still not by much. You basically just have to be alert to taunt off the other tank when he gets the Rune of Blood, and to not get threat from the Blood Beasts that spawn regularly throughout the fights. Using stuns on the Blood Beasts to make it easier for the kiters to kill them is also recommendable.

Melee (and tanks) have to keep track of the Blood Nova he places on a random raid member that hurts nearby players, gives him energy and health. Anyone affected by it must move away from the raid. Having at least two ranged dps is quite essential, and prefferably classes with some ability to kite. Our first kill we had two arcane mages who slowed one target each which made the kiting part really easy, a hunter and a boomkin helped with the killing. The second kill we only had two ranged, on arcane mage and one hunter which meant they basically had to kite throughout the whole fight, as new Blood Beasts spawned as soon as the old ones died. Like the hunter commented "this reminds me quite much of the Gluth fight, where all I get to do is kite". Just having one ranged per Blood Beast wasn't much of an issue though, as long as all the other ranged, in our cases all healers, keep out of the way.
With these simple things in mind;
- Taunt the Runed tank
- Move from the Novad player (or have him move from the rest, whichever is easier)
- Kite Blood Beasts (do not stand in melee range of them ever)
- Constantly heal Marked player
The fight will run smooth as something really smooth.

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