Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flaws with the LFG-System, changes?

I've done some posts about the issues with the LFG-system, which you can see here (part 1) and here (part 2), and now it seems Blizzard have noticed this too and will make some proper changes. These will be instituted with patch 3.3.3 along with a whole bunch over other "overhaul" changes to professions, class mechanics and whatnot. So a little patch to smoothen things up.

Info about the changes can be found over at Their post states that one of the changes will be to remove the timer on the "vote to kick" function, one of the best changes to the lfg-system if you ask me. Apparently this change is only on the PTR (Player Test Realm) as of yet and the blue posts don't actually say anything about this so we will see if they'll implement it in the end at all. Eventhough this could mean people get kicked for bad reasons, it is still worth the times where people now have to play with bad players, idiot players, afk players or disconnected players.

Some other changes that are worth noting is the increase of the deserter debuff from 15 to 30 minutes. Twice the penalty for ditching a group in other words, and I welcome this too. The other day I had 6 (!) different tanks when doing an instance, simply because they kept on leaving after a few mobs. We didn't wipe... no one was rude... I don't know why. But they did. On the other hand I joined an instance yesterday with my dk and the healer instantly started being a douche bag. Apparently they had wiped just before I joined and he was in a cranky mood. But why he had to take it out on me, with a long tirade about tanks sucking so much because they're never crit immune (I am btw), yada yada, I don't know. I didn't feel much like tanking him though, so I left before the first pack of mobs.

Another interesting change is that they'll actually be -more- generous about the level requirements to join instances. Now if this will affect lowbies too, you'll know from reading my other posts in this matter, that I already think they are too generous. I've ended up in instances 6 levels above my own when leveling my warrior. This doesn't have to be an issue if only one group member is too low leveled, but when the entire group is, it'll make the instance nearly unfinishable, since the dps simply can't kill the mobs.

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