Monday, February 8, 2010

Beyond the Tree

Every sunday over at they link to web comics which are about WoW to some part (many are about other game related stuff too). I usually read most of them, but today I found a comic I hadn't seen before, called Beyond the Tree.

I'm not sure what the artists called, but I think it's Nhani. The comic is made in a graphical style which I usually don't like, using in- game graphics of WoW rather than drawing. But it's used really well in this comic and the artist has done an awesome job with providing with a nice artwork. He (just assuming it's a guy here since some commenters refer to him as "dude") uses a 3D-modeler, making even the scrubby looking graphics of WoW (let's face it, they're old...) look good.

The comic is about two night elfs, Hani and "Tiny", also called Rei. Rei is actually tiny, for a reason I haven't found out yet (haven't read the whole series myself yet), and mostly sits on Hanis shoulder for their adventures, commenting on everything that happens with a sarcastic style.

What I like most of the comic, besides the cool artwork, is that it puts places in WoW, which most WoW-players have visited hundreds of times, in a new and fresh light. If you're interested in some WoW-lore but not in fully reading the quest-text of every quest you come upon, this is definitely the comic for you.

For their first adventure Hani and Rei travel into Blackfathom Deeps, a lowbie-instance in WoW that I've been to countless times. But I never understood what it was all about until I read this comic about it. And it really made the whole instance seem a little more interesting. I'd wish he (the artist) explains every lore aspect of WoW to me in this great, entertaining and easily understandable way! Even makes WoW a little more fun.

You probably need to play WoW to fully enjoy (and understand) the series, but if you have any interest in artwork or the like I recommend checking it out.

You can find it here --> Beyond the Tree

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