Thursday, April 7, 2011

500 posts! What happened since last time?

Tomorrows post is my 500th, and I usually take this opportunity to check out what happened the last couple of months, since my "400 posts!" post. Part because I like strolling down memory lane and part to give old posts a chance to be seen again.

Why don't I post this tomorrow? Well, you will wait and see what I have in store for you then!

If there is something I've learned from all my blogging over the months is that there really are two types of readers; the ones that stick around and the ones that visit only temporarily. They will both equal out to be about as much pageviews in the end, but they look for rather different posts. As an example, my guides are by far the most viewed posts, on the other hand my guides rarely get many comments. What kind of posts will spark your readers interest to leave comments and questions is really difficult to predict. There are "easier" subjects to write about if what you want is a reader reaction, just pick something provocative like: "Why it is ok to ninja", "Why priests suck" or "Gemming for expertise as caster". Here are a couple of posts of mine that have either sparked peoples interest through views or comments. I like to take a look at these statistics every now and then and ponder them, because they say alot about what players in WoW are doing right now and what they feel they need help with or would like to know more about.

Top 5 Googled posts the last 3 months;
  1. Fire Mage Guide - 4.0.6 Edition
  2. Cataclysm Prot Warrior Guide
  3. Nefarian 10 Man
  4. Discipline Priest 4.0 Talent Build
  5. Holy Priest 4.0 Talent Build
Top 5 Commented posts;
  1. Mystery Files - The Floating Cat Head
  2. Healers And Tanks Need Dummies Too
  3. Stop Talking About Rift Already
  4. The Perfect Pull
  5. Healing Changes - Discipline Being Nerfed (And Other Things)
Over the last months I've been ranting particularly much about (or so it feels anyway) the problems with tanking (I'll never stop whining about that) and how the various changes made to priests would affect us. Unlike many times before however, there hasn't been some posts which I thought were better or more fun to write than others. This time around I actually got into a streak of some really interesting subjects to write about, what with everything being all new in Cataclysm and all. But if I had to pick some favorites, it would actually have to be the posts I've written about priest healing, which might come as no surprise. There will definitely be more of that in the future.

Field Report - On Divine Touch and Other Holy Talents
How To Use Holy Nova
Strength of Soul Revisited
Have Shields Become Too Good?
Archangel 101
Surge of Light vs Divine Touch

What is my goal for the next 100 posts? Well, part of it will be explained tomorrow, and for the rest I haven't got a plan, as usual. In some ways it depends alot on what happens in WoW, what I do in WoW and what I do in "real life" of course. Something I really would like to do is to include Love more into my blogging. His talk about feral druids and whatnot can make my ears bleed, and trust me, I have really tried to make him put it down in writing. But it's difficult. There are loads of great druid blogs out there, maybe he is intimidated. I am not clever enough to be ;) I would also love to be able to write more about other classes than just priests, and in some ways I am already. Although I am playing my shaman in raids and playing other alts in endgame I don't feel like I know much about them to be able to contribute anything worthwhile (which you really never should think as a blogger, there is usually always something to add to anything). Maybe the noob-view could be interesting as well? In a way, part of the fun of blogging is to not have a long term plan but to write about what interests you for the moment. I think that is what has kept me at it for all this time - writing posts I would like to read and that I therefor enjoy writing. I'm also lucky to be part of an awesome blogging community, with loads of great bloggers out there. And I find new ones every day! I hope to get to enjoy your blogs for a great while longer. Happy blogging!


  1. Nice blog! BTW, "A lot" is two words.

  2. I would really like to thank You, Zinn! I have never been interested in reading blogs, but since I visited yours I just can't stop! Your posts have a lot of work put into them, aswell as some amazing thoughts, they're fun and great to read. Thank You very much for all your hard work!
    Looking foward for mooooar,
    Best Regards!

  3. @Anon
    Thanks! I know that, somewhere deep inside. But I think "alot" has rooted itself into me now. We'll see if I can wash it out. It just looks better, doesn't it? *ahem*

    Thanks alot Gabbek, I hope I can keep on entertaining you with random thoughts :)

  4. you wanted a comment from a guildy? here it is: I LOVE YOU! you awsome!