Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let's Go Back In Time And Play...

Maybe, just this once at least, this blog could be about something else than me and my thoughts. It's probably true that it takes a certain kind of people to write blogs, people who, at least somewhere deep inside, deem their own ramblings interesting enough to share with the rest of the world. Personally I don't really care whether other people like what I write, I am egocentric enough to enjoy it just for my own sake. Don't get me wrong! Having people reading and commenting on things I write is a great feeling and definitely adds a lot to the fun of doing this. But I did go almost a year of writing this blog with near to no feedback in the beginning. I kept at it for the fun of the writing itself. But look at me, I am talking about myself again. When this post was supposed to be about someone else.

A friend of mine, one of my best and oldest friends messaged me the other day telling me had started filming himself playing old games with his own comments. He asked me to check it out and tell him what I thought about it. This guy is the closest I've come to a "real" gamer in my vicinity. And by "real" I mean he plays basically any game and has spent so many hours at it it's ridiculous. What I especially like about him is that he seems almost incapable of disliking a game. He seems to always be able to see the fun in any game he plays, making it more fun for anyone who watches as well. This can be devious of course, just because he says a game is awesome doesn't mean anyone else will agree.

This is also the guy who really got me into gaming and showed me that there were other types of games than just Mario Kart and Mario Party out there. Some of my fondest memories are us sitting at his place, playing through some game all night with a soda and grilled sandwhich to snack on. Watching his play-throughs of Castlevania 1-3 and Zelda (so far, I think he'll add more) really were a nostalgic moment for me. It took me back to us playing together and I watched them through with a smile (yeah, this post is still mostly about me).

These are amateurish videos, in the first ones you'll have trouble hearing him speak because the in game music is too loud. In some other parts the editing is wonky. His english is hilarious. It is clear he is learning as he goes. But there is so much heart in these that you can't help but liking them and I really had fun watching them. I am obviously biased since they're made by one of my best friends that I get to see all too seldom nowadays because we live really far apart. But if you have any interest in "Let's Play" videos I really think you should give these a looksie. I especially enjoyed the play-through of Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, that's a recommendation (he even makes the game look kind of fun!). I hope you'll at least have some fun with these videos, made by someone with a genuine interest in old-school gaming (and any other kind). Because I am definitely not ashamed of plugging them, so there you have it - Let's Go Back In Time And Play.


  1. Sorry, but it has been too long, I hate seeing no comments. We are still out there Zinn, just too tired of winter to comment.

    Please keep the posts coming.

    1. You're too kind, it's people like you that make blogging so much fun :) But don't worry, I don't feel lonely, I know you're lurking out there somewhere ;) Posts will still be coming every now and then!