Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Anachronox #6 - Sender Station Station

I was wrong again. I wasn't going to a planet named Saunder, I was going to a station named Sender Station (Station) and then I am going to a planet named Sunder. But first, I needed to retrieve my old buddy PAL-18.

Doesn't exactly come off as inviting.

When you start the game you see him lying around in your office, but his battery is busted. I didn't think much more of it, but as I was about to leave Anachronox Fatima reminds me that I would be an asshat to leave my old pal PAL-18 to rust back at Rowdy's (that's the bar where I have my HQ). Ok then? So we head back to where it all began, where some people are still laughing about the fact that I was thrown out a window (I still haven't seen a doctor about that). Oh but first I need a new battery for PAL-18 of course. Fortunately for me, I remembered that there was a guy with a broken robot just around the corner of where I was and I bought the battery of him for a high price. Maybe there were other places to get a battery, but this was good enough.

He hits hard too.

So then I go back to Rowdy's and start up PAL-18 and take him with me to Sender Station Station. Before I can get my tickets however there is a guy is in the way and refusing to move. Time to test out Grumpos skill "Yammer". Every character has a skill, Boots can lockpick, PAL-18 can hack computers (obviously) and Grumpos being a cranky old man can nag people to death. Well ok maybe not death, but he can nag them into submission. Every skill has its own little mini game that you need to succeed in if you want the skill to succeed. Grumpos "Yammer" skill requires you to fill his lungs appropriately... This game guys. It has to be experienced. But then at least we're finally on our way to Sender Station Station.

Some people will show you their ugly drawings.

I wished for some greenery and open air and I got.. none of that. Sender Station Station is a lot more well lit however, so at least I can see where I am going now.

There is always room for meta-humour.

I come across Officer Rukh again, he's the really cool looking police guy I mentioned in a previous post. He'll give you a task to help him out with and if you do he'll give you some cool gear. This time he required me to find some presumably dead guy in some pump station tunnels that led to the Red Light District of Sender Station Station, a place where Boots apparently has spent a lot of time. The enemies down there were probably the toughest I have fought so far (not counting the very first enemy I fought) but still not much trouble.

I love that fountain though.

On Sender Station Station are also a lot of little robots who will sell you random stuff at different rates. If you figure out which one sells what for a higher price you can literally just run back and forth and line your pockets with their apparently endless money. It won't make you a quick buck, but it's definitely a very easy one, and also pretty much the only way to make money here.

There are some other little side quests to do here, one involves hooking up a lonely doctor with some random woman. Otherwise there are a lot of people to talk to and most of them seem to be on different kinds of conferences. Listening in on what they have to say is exactly as hilariously boring and incomprehensible as you'd expect.

Pretty sterile.

Sender Station Station doesn't offer as much as Anachronox, but then it's also just a pit stop on our way to our next destination. I miss Anachronox a little bit but I am sure we're going back there later. Now maybe Sunder can offer some greenery at last?

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