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Class Quests - Rogue

Class Quests are special. They are among the few quests in the game that still suffer from old problems, although many players are basically forced to do them. Also as they are unique to a class they're usually especially long and tedious, for some reason. There seems to be two types of class quests, those that reward you with some type of gear, itemized especially for your class, and those that reward you some key feature to your class. Some classes have been lucky enough to have their special key feature class quests optional, like druids. Other have not been so lucky, like shamans (more about those poor sods another post though).

The reason I wanted to look at class quests are partly because it would be a good guide for anyone trying to complete the quest, and mostly because like I said - these quests are special. They deserve some extra attention. It's for anyone interested in some interesting trivia about the game, or to get a heads up so you know what kind of quests are in waiting for a particular class. Just remember that these posts about class quests (because I intend to do several) will be spoilers, as I will be telling how to complete them. Do not read it if you're one of those hard core have-to-complete-everything-myself kind of persons.

Today I thought we'd look at one of the rogue class quests called "The Manor, Ravenholdt". It is unique in that way that it is the only quest where Blizzard actually deceives the player deliberately (or do you know of some other?). And it is also the only class quest which could really be said to be spoiled somehow. So if you want an interesting experience unspoiled, read no further. I did this on a horde character, but to my knowledge the quest is exactly the same to the alliance side. You just have to run from Southshore instead of Tarren Mill.

You get the quest from your rogue trainer, very sneaky actually. I didn't see any exclamation mark above my rogue trainers head, I just noticed she had the talk option "I've got something important to say to you" or the like when I was going to train for level 24 skills. I asked her what she wanted and she snuck me a letter. The letter tells me that Ravenholdt has taken an interest to me and that I should contact them for further information. A Seal of Ravenholdt is also enclosed in the letter which I am to give to Fahrad, none less than Grand Master Rogue of Ravenholdt. The letter also tells me that my cunning will be tested and that part of the test is to find the Manor at all.

In the age of and such, finding the Manor isn't that tricky, but I can imagine the difficulties of my predecessors. Once you find the path it is dead-obvious of course. Just run from Tarren Mill/Southshore and across the river. The Manor is located in the north-eastern mountains and the path starts at a huge tree. Like I said, finding it could be a little tricky, but it's not hidden (unlike some paths in other class quests).

As you close up on the Manor, you will have to go through a cave-like tunnel first. Now...


this cave is part of your test. There will be a chest to open in it. If you do, a level 33 elite will spawn and kick your ass. He says something with the meaning of "people who are unprepared deserve to die, hahaha" or close to it. I was quite chocked when this happened to me and can honestly say I hadn't the slightest clue this would happen. Even though I've done this quest before! Blizzard are really sneaky. They place this really pretty chest in front of you, and you die if you open it. Ok, if you're fast enough you can vanish. I wasn't fast enough though <.<
You complete the quest by running through the cave-tunnel and turn it in by Fahrad himself.

This is a really interesting quest event-wise. Reward-wise it is not so interesting. You'll get some experience of course, and reputation with Ravenholdt and that's it. I suppose it is mainly there to make you aware of the existance of Ravenholdt at all, since you probably wouldn't find it unless specifically sent there.

So why would you want to know about Ravenholdt? That is a very good question actually. As of today, there is no known reward to getting to exalted with Ravenholdt. With Wotlk Blizzard added the achievement "Insane in the Membrane" which requires you to become exalted with Ravenholdt, but this is the only thing reputation with Ravenholdt might bring you. Blizzard must've had some plan with Ravenholdt at some point, but for whatever reason they never got through with it. Voices on the internets say it was intended to be a quest hub, but they never got around to it and so now it is nothing really.

Also, gaining reputation with Ravenholdt are among the most tedious things you can do in WoW. Up to revered is fairly easy, as the mobs in Durnholde Keep give rep up to that point. It is time consuming of course, but easy grinding. The mobs even have forced respawns so you won't have to wait around much. Getting to exalted however, requires you to turn in Heavy Junkboxes. These can only be acquired through pick pocketing, so you either have to be a rogue or know a rogue. You can open the lock boxes, but don't empty them as this will make them disappear. Something like 1400 lock boxes are needed to get all the way to exalted. Yes you read the right figure, 1400. Apparently this takes at least one full day played time to complete. That is 24 hours of just pick pocketing, minimum. Crazy? Yes. That is why the achievement reward is the title "the Insane" ;)Some macros to speed up your turn in process can be found over here (just scroll down some).

It sort of makes this quest even more curios though, since it is a very unique quest, that leads to the faction that Blizzard forgot.

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