Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

I do read the occasional manga whenever I find a good one, and now I have. Over at my favorite manga provider site I stumbled upon a manga called Ghost Sweeper Mikami. When I read about the plot I didn't know if it was going to be awesome or just really pathetic, but it got me interested anyway. Maybe it says something about me, but you can read it for yourself to see;

"A man and a woman are working together in their own business.

Not very interesting, you say?
And if they are ghost sweepers, professional exorcists exterminating evil spirits and demons?

Huh, not inventive enough?
Then what if the man is a total pervert, beyond hope of any salvation, and the woman is a total hottie?
And there are more babes to come!

What? Sounds like a standard harem manga?
Ok, then let's suppose that the woman is as avaricious as the man is perverse
And she knows how to use her charms to force the man into suicide missions for a starvation wage.

Still missing something?
Then how about a dark, hidden scheme that has been running for ages, which of course can't ignore the woman, who is one of the most powerfull ghost sweepers alive?"

Doesn't it sound lovely?

I've only gotten one 10th into it so far (it's over 350 chapters and going) but it has kept me really entertained. I end up laughing out loud all the time. Like I said it might say something about my kind of humor, but there you have it anyway ^^ I recommend it for anyone who wants some easy to read fun!

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