Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lich King Down!

Yes, we finally made it earlier this evening (april 5th)!! The Lich King is no more. Or no more until next reset anyway. We had been stuck at phase two for a while, and in retrospective I can easily say that is the toughest phase, having to counter defile, valkyrs, infest and whatnot all at once. Of course, once you get the hang of it it feels easy. Some weeks ago I actually doubted whether we'd ever down that bastard, it felt like everything was just too chaotic. You can really feel the difference when you get that "aha"-feeling of understanding the fight and all the fight mechanics. There is nothing like successfully completing every task thrown into your lap -popping cds when the tank goes down low, moving from defile, not standing in front of Raging Spirits and healing whoever needs it. And to see your fellow raidmembers complete their tasks with bravur, like the valkyrs where I as disc priest can do little good.

If everyone do what they should there isn't much raid damage except during phase transitions. In phase one there is only one thing to keep track of and that is tank damage. If you're the designated cleanser you will have to have an extra eye on this. I covered these factors somewhat in my earlier post about fighting Lich King. Infest isn't much of an issue if you keep shields up on everyone at all times. The main tank will be the one needing the most attention, but keep shields and PoMs up at all times of course. In phase 3 there is a Harvest Soul that does some damage, but I didn't feel that it was much of an issue (which probably just means the other healers did all the work ^^). Our raid setup was as follows;

Druid Cat
Druid Bear
Druid Moonkin
Paladin Prot
Paladin Retri
Paladin Holy
Priest Disc
Shaman Resto
Warrior Arms
Mage Arcane

Here are some stats of my own healing on the kill fight;

PoM 29%
Penance 26%
Flash Heal 21%
Glyph of PWS 13%
PoH 7%
Blessed Healing (t10 2set) 2%
Divine Hymn 2%

I had approximately 5,344.000 total healing done and 1.722.00 absorbed (72% PWS, 28% Aegis). I played as disc since that offers a neat solution to the infest mechanic, since the initial damage is absorbed the dot vanishes immediately. Being able to throw out a quick Penance when the tank takes a huge blow is also worth alot. Being able to pick the tank, or some other unlucky guy, up fast was quite necessary in this fight, even though we had both a holydin and a resto shaman (who both did an awesome job btw). Penance, PoM and Flash Heal at the top show that, like I said, there will be some raid healing, but mostly point healing to be done in this fight.

He dropped no loot for me unfortunately, but it was a hellofa fight which I'd love to do again. Apparently we're going to try hard modes first, so we'll see when I get a shot at LK again. Hardmodes will be interesting though. Same same but different? We'll see.

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