Saturday, April 17, 2010

People are ungrateful bass turds

This will be a post filled with whine. People are such ungrateful bass turds sometimes. I have written about it several times before. But it seems I have to go at it again.

It just amazes me how some people handle tanks. When I am healing or dpsing, I don't mind much about what people say or do. They can overpull or go slow, play bad (not so bad so that we can't go on though of course) or be undergeared. It is ok. Because whatever people do, my job will generally me really easy. And this is especially true when healing. Healing a heroic at level 80 is the opposite of action. Most of the time it is so easy I could afk for a minute without anyone noticing. Only time people die, even during big and crazy pulls, are when someone stands in oneshot effects (which in heroics usually means you're oneshot because you have 14k).

Dpsing is also extremely easy. You don't have to do much at all. The only one you're having to compete with is your own will to perform at your best (boast some leet dps).

When I am tanking I usually don't mind much either. But I mind more than when I dps or heal. It annoys me when people don't let me do the pulling (things get so messy then and tanks don't like messy). I find it ok if the one doing the extra pulling is geared to handle it themselves. I definitely don't like it when they overpull and then scream for me to handle the situation. I don't mind people being badly geared at all, everyone is at some point. I do dislike people playing badly however. Especially when their bad playing goes out on my tanking. It is because no matter how easy an instance is (and I am sure I have said this before), and if the dpsing is extremely easy and the healing even more easy, it won't be easy for the tank. In fact, the better the gear of the rest of the group (aka easier for them) the tougher it is for the tank to do a good job. Especially if these good geared but numb nutted people don't do anything to ease the tanking. People who never go for skull. Who never choose my target. People who don't use any other skills than the dps skills. Let me give you an example.

When I tank instances I check everyones gear. Gearscore usually gives me a general idea about what to expect from the group and so I know how to set the pace. If the healer is undergeared I go easier, if the healer is well geared I go faster. If the dps are well geared I expect them to perform beyond dps. I actually (oh how naïve of me, I know) expect them to dispel nasty debuffs, silence nasty casts, to actually help me tank so that it will go faster. In heroics there aren't many things you need to think about, but there are some. In Nexus you would like to dispel the ice block on the tank for instance. In HoR you actually might wanna silence the healer or caster. In PoS you could sheep one of those nasty off standing casters. It takes a second of your time and makes tanking way easier. Yet I actually get confused, happy, shocked, whenever I see a dps do something like this. Did the rogue just kick that Phantom Blast? Did the hunter just missdirect that extra add to me? Omgomg. Praise teh lordah.

Today I tanked Nexus. I saw that the shaman had more than 5800gs. That means he has to raid. That means he might actually have something between his long ears (he was a troll). That means when I was tanking Stoutbeard I didn't pull back because I was certain (yes, I'm stupid) the shaman would drop a tremor totem. I was certain that if I said "tremor please" he'd say something like "don't tell me how to play my class". Now, I am not so stupid as to be annoyed when I found out he didn't, by being feared into a group of extra mobs. I was extremely annoyed however when the group blamed me for the extra pull (which went fine by the way). Am I a bad player when I expect my fellow puggers to be able to play their class? Apparently. It was a lose/lose situation. Expect people to do what they should and get the blame when they don't. Or tell them to their job and get flamed for it.

What amazes me even further however is that someone, after waiting for 15 minutes plus in the lfg queue, has the insolence of being rude to the very person who's making the instance happen? A tank would have to be very, very, extremely bad for me to complain about their tanking. Because 98% of the time they're still getting the job done. If you're not currently tanking, and I don't care how many tank chars you might own, don't complain. What you're currently doing is easy, what the tank is currently doing isn't. And I don't mean to imply that tanking is particularly hard, it really isn't. But compared to what a dps or healer has to do in heroics, it definitely is. To a tank, raiding is the "easy" tanking. Doing heroics usually means busting your ass off compared to healer/dps. It's usually why I enjoy it, but not if I'm a in group who's working against me, and holding me responsible for it. Although they should be grateful to the tank that they're getting anywhere at all. Like I said, I don't mind people going their own race if they can handle it. But don't fail at something and blame me for it.

If you want the tanking to go smoothly, do something about it! Tanking is not a one man job!

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