Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to! Warrior Tank - Level 80

Ding! I've finally dinged 80 at approximately one weeks playtime and two days short of 6 months real time. This final post probably won't be final at all, and in any case I'm going to make several posts of what to do when turning level 80. What gear to look for, the final instances and how to spec if you prefer to tank instances or raid. And maybe some other stuff if I come to think of it. Unfortunately today, since it deserves more time than I have today.

When I first started out with this project, and like I said it aint all done yet, I was really looking forward to it. And I have to say, it has been a hell of a lot of fun tanking my way from level 1 (well 15 really) to 80. The rewards have generally been greater than the drawbacks (instant instances being among the best things), and I can only recommend anyone seeking something new and interesting to do to try this! The increase in difficulty is very well balanced, just as you think you're about to have some trouble you get some new cool skill to counter any doubts. Trying to get the hang of warrior tanking at a high level is probably discouraging (it was to me anyway), so doing it from scratch is really the best and most fun way (at least I think so) to do it. And you'll definitely be awesome in the end, if you follow my little guide ;)

Once at 80 you'll fall all the way down the suck-bin. Everyone has awesome gear and you'll probably be around 3000 gs, which everyone will laugh at. Trust me they do. But you must also trust me when I say that gear really isn't much of a problem to tank properly. Unless the healer also happens to be really badly geared and/or you do bad pulls (or someone else in the group does of course), there won't be a problem. I have already tanked some heroics in my 3k gs gear and had no trouble at all, even when I've had 6k gs dps in the same group. Sure you'll lose some aggro once in a while, just taunt it back or remember that they're probably as capable to take a blow as you are at the moment.

To find all my other posts in this matter, simply search for "how to" or anything else in the title in the search area. That should work. Or follow the tags.

Warrior tanking is tricky, but extremely rewarding. Thanks to the fact that you get thunder clap so early in the game, and it happens to be about your best tanking tool, you shouldn't have much trouble keeping threat at any level. Just clap clap clap, tab around and throw some punches. I'll talk more about specs, skills and glyphs in another post (probably tomorrow).

Until then, take a look at my handmade and extremely beautiful collage. Maybe I have to start out with a new warrior now...

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