Sunday, July 11, 2010

A-o-R: AutoScreenshot

In case anyone didn't know, I love addons. One might not believe it since I've only written about actual addons three times ever on over 200 posts. I've mentioned Grid, Xperl, Rankwatch, Breaktime and Twenty Twenty (which you might notice is actually 5 addons, but written over 3 posts).

I don't know why I haven't written more about addons before, maybe because everyone does, or because I just get stuck on another idea all the time, that has to be written about first. I still have a bunch of those ideas laying around (I haven't forgotten about the Demoralizing Shout test, just need to find a good way to collect data), but I thought since addons make up such a huge and important factor in my gaming, maybe I should tell you which ones I use, and why. First I thought I'd just write about some addons I really love, but I like all my addons, that is why I use them afterall.
To make it easy I'll go through them in alphabetical order. And since they're quite many I won't mention them all in one go (I'll be sitting here till next summer in that case). And don't worry, you won't just get to read about addons for the next weeks, I'll definitely throw in other stuff. My warrior will ding 80 any day now and that will have to be covered in some posts.

Oh and "A-o-R" stands for Addon-o-Rama. That is what this is going to be. I've decided to categorise the addons by three different factors; Overall Category, Class/Role and Necessity Level. "Category" basically means which area its supposed to be used in, aka healing, tanking, ui, info, and these can also be combined to for example info-tanking. I hope you'll get it :P. "Class/Role" is in case it is class or role specific aka priest, warrior, dps etc. "Necessity Level" is how important I value it to be to increase overall gaming experience, which means if I could play the way I do with or without it.
(EDIT 31/7: If you want to find all my other posts in the subject, simply click the "Addons" label, or type "aor" in the search window.)

Category - Gaming Utility
Necessity Level - Low
Class/Role - Any

First out is a really small and specific addon called AutoScreenshot. I bet you can't guess what it does. Ok so you guessed it, it will automatically do screenshots. It's difficult to show this in a screenshot, since it basically is a screenshot. It will notify in chat how many screenshots it has taken during that game session, as you can see in the picture below. Default is set to 30 minutes, but you can set it to anything you like. And that is essentially what it does!

The good thing about it is that if you want to screenshot something that you probably won't have mind capacity to remember to do once you're there, like say a really intense boss fight, this will do the job for you. Also it is a good way to keep a "scrap book" of your progress on some char, if you like to. If you want to play a new main and would like to keep record of its way from hobo geared newb killing kobolds/plainstriders to full fledged epic geared killing arthas, this will definitely do the trick.

If you want to track a boss fight I recommend setting down the screenshot time frame though, since doing a screenshot every 30 minutes mostly just ends up in alot of wipe-res-rebuff shots.

The drawbacks of this addon are two. First of all this will really cram your screenshot folder, faster than you think. That isn't much of a problem though if you remember to either turn the addon off on the chars you don't want to record (five screenshots of your bankchar standing around by the postbox isn't as thrilling as it sounds) or just clear your screenshot folder every other day (depending on how much you play of course). But like I said that is a small problem. The other thing usually isn't a problem, but could turn disastrous if you're unlucky. AutoScreenshot will freeze your frame for half a second when it is screenshotting, just like when doing a regular screenshot. Since you probably won't keep track of every 30 minute mark (or whatever you set it to) this usually comes as a suprise as in "oh right, the screenshot addon is doing its thing". Normally this doesn't bother at all, but if you're in a really intense boss fight where every split second could make a difference... well it could turn out bad. It hasn't for me, so far! But be warned.

Overall this addon's really brought me alot of joy. I've used it alot for getting screenshots to put in posts here for example. I would never ever remember to screenshot interesting stuff, so this has been a life saver for me.

So this addon definitely does its job, and if you have any wants to record your gaming through screenshots I couldn't see any reason not to recommend it. It hasn't been updated for ages, but since it's an addon that only affects such a small area (that Blizzard hasn't changed yet), it still works perfectly.
And it can be found here -> AutoScreenshot at WoWInterface

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