Wednesday, February 29, 2012

600 posts!

This is my 600th post. Can you believe it? I know I can't. So much has happened since I started writing this blog seriously, it does feel like it was longer than little over two years ago, and 600 posts? Really? When I started writing this blog more frequently, ICC was just about to be released, Wotlk had been around for a year and I was in the prime of my healing fun. Admittedly I've thought so since I started healing up until now, but that's beside the point. Looking back at it now I have no idea how I managed to produce one post a day for as long as I did. They weren't all good, but none of them were utter crap (shush you). Although you do love the fruit of your own labor, so I am probably biased in that matter.

Another hundred post mark usually means I take a moment to look back on the posts I've written and try to highlight my own favorites (all parents have favorites) for you to enjoy them all over again! Because you have been reading all my posts, haven't you? This time won't be any different, because why ruin a winning concept?

Because I decided to chill out on the posting frenzy when I hit 500 posts back in April last year, these 100 posts have taken nearly a year to produce. This also means that more things than ever have happened during that amount of posts. Most notably the whole guild drama thing, me swapping guilds twice and server (and faction!) once. I am dearly hoping not having to do that for at least another year, it is really quite exhausting.

All the guild drama that surrounded me (and for some reason also saw me smack in the middle) had me obviously write a whole lot of posts about guild drama. A girl needs to vent every once in a while, and ice cream doesn't always cut it.

It started out general enough with posts like;
Guild Drama Breeding Grounds

Or more specific but still abstract enough for no one to understand what the heck I was on about;
Stortytime: An Odd Event

Unto pure nerdraging;
Field Report: Summer Hiatus
Field Report: Time For Something New

But I hope that is the last you will have to hear about that. And no more to come (knock on wood).

Since this is a priest healing blog, I did write a couple of posts on that subject (wooyay!).
I Dare You To Get Rid Of Spirit
Field Report: All My Stats Are Bad
Circle Of Healing Webring: Zinn Edition
Class Feedback: Healing Priest Edition
MoP Healing Priest Talents
First Impressions On Dragon Soul And Priest Healing

I cried about Atonement - back and forth, back and forth;
How To Fix Atonement
Field Report: Now With Extra Atonement
Archangel Vs Evangelism

I pugged some;
Tales From The Random Pug - 6th Story
Tales From The Random Pug - 7th Story
Tales From The Random Pug - 8th Story

And eventhough a lot of really weird shit happened to me this past year, you know the kind where you just stand back, look at it and go "really? I mean... really?", a lot of really good things happened too. Stay tuned for another hundred posts!


  1. Oh wow 600 posts! That's a lot of writing that's been going on. Well done and I look forward to more ;)

  2. Congratulations on 600! :D Looking forward to more!