Tuesday, February 21, 2012

No love (rocket) for me

I'm not a greedy woman. Admittedly I do expect to marry rich eventually and I do expect people to leave me the last cookie in the cookie jar, but that's not out of greed. That's because I deserve it. In WoW, there are very few things I expect to get and there are even fewer things I will bust my ass to try to get. But when I do bust my ass to try to get something, I do expect to get it, eventually. Still following me here?

Usually for event bosses that drop some kind of pet or mount I will try to get it. It's such a fast and easy way to get something cool, and since I have an army of alts I have several tries (9) each day to get what I want. It suits a lazy person like me perfectly. It's like hitting two birds with one stone (no it's nothing like that actually...)! It gets addictive the same way scratch cards do, if the scratch cards were free and only required me to spend some time scratching them (I wish). So I did the Crown Chemical Co. bosses every day (only missed out on one day!) on every alt to get the Love Rocket. I also wanted the Wasteling (because I totally adore those little Wastelings), but most importantly the Love Rocket.

I ended up doing the bosses 117 times, and these are the results;

4 Fumigator Masks
8 Lovely Roses (two on the same character)
4 Wastelings
0 Love Rockets

See that? No Rockets. Statistically I should've had at least one, with some luck two. But the beauty about chance is that if there's only a chance to get something, there is always a chance not to get it as well. The funny thing is that eventhough you know the chance is really small, like in the case of that damn Love Rocket, you will try just because there's a chance, and the probability of that chance doesn't really matter. In fact you will try harder to get it when you know there's only a chance to get it, than if you know exactly when to get it. Chance can have you grinding for ten hours straight, but a lot less people would actually spend ten hours farming if they knew that is exactly what it would take. And I fell for it damn it!

But you know what they say - bad luck in gambling means luck in love, so maybe I will get to marry rich soon.

At least I got the Wasteling to keep me company.


  1. Not that I really expected it, but I was really, really hoping to get the Rocket on Fabulor this year. Oh well!

  2. @Rades
    But you know he'd look totally fabolous on it!

  3. I'm always hoping for the Love Rocket, or the Horseman's mount on Hallow's End.. but neither ever seems to drop for my character. Oh, and the Kodo for Brewfest.

    I realise they want those mounts to be rare, but it seems crazy sometimes how many times we can do it over and over (sometimes on multiple characters) and still come up with nothing.