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Class Quests - Sunken Temple (part 2)

Here's the followup from yesterday, with the final five classes that have class quests to Sunken Temple. Let's get right to business!

Since there weren't any paladins in the game until Burning Crusade, Blizzard have two different quest givers depending on whether you're a horde or alliance paladin. Alliance get their quest from Commander Ashlam Valorfist in Chillwind Camp (WPL). After some prequests you get the quest "Forging the Mightstone" which requires you to collect six troll feathers from the troll mini bosses of Sunken Temple. This isn't difficult since you need to kill all those bosses to get to some of the bosses of the instance, which most people usually care to do. Horde paladins are worse off. Talk to Sylvanas to get your initial quest. After some prequests you get the quest "Ancient Evil" which requires you to get a special vine from the basement boss Atal'arion. As with druids this is bad, because most people don't want to do the basement section. You might need to ask a friend for help instead.
The rewards differ too, and this time horde are slightly better off than alliance. For some reason it seems like Blizzard haven't updated the paladin loot on the alliance side, and therefore the items are really oddly itemized. The rewards for alliance are "Lightforged Blade" (two-hand sword), "Sanctified Orb" (Trinket) or "Chivalrous Signet" (Ring). All of these items have a strange mix of spellpower and strength, reflecting back to the days when all paladin specs needed spellpower (but boy, that was a long time ago). Sanctified Orb is slightly different, but still not especially good. This too shows signs of old age since it increases "critical strike rating and spell critical strike rating". Back in BC those were different stats, but that changed with wotlk, 1,5 years ago. None of the rewards for alliance paladins are great, because of the odd itemization. Unless what you have is extremely crappy, it's not worth chasing after any of these items.
Horde only have one reward, a trinket called Scourgebane that increases stamina by 15 and increases attackpower by 150 against undeads when used (5 min dur, 30 min cd). Because of the very long cooldown and the undead requirement that use is pretty much worthless. If you're a tank however, this trinket is one of the very few, if not the only stamina trinket at this level. Not much stamina though. Overall not worth chasing after in my opinion.

Rogues go to Archmage Xylem for their quests, just as mages. It starts with "A simple request" and after some prequests you get "The Azure Key" in which you're required to get the Azure Key from the dragon Morphaz. Very simple.
As rewards you'll get to choose between "Ebon Mask" (head), "Whisperwalk Boots" (feet) or "Duskbat Drape" (back).
All of these rewards are good actually, and you could go for any of them that replaces your least good item. Since getting good heads is difficult when lowbie, you'll probably want Ebon Mask (it also looks totally cool). Both the boots and back are great too however, so go with whichever you like!
Fun trivia: The cloak originally reduced fall damage, which most rogues loved. But that was changed with Wotlk to hit rating. More useful, but less fun.

You'll get the shaman class quest from a funny hermit troll who lives along the shore of that river that goes by Tarren Mill. His name is Bath'rah the Windwatcher and his first quest is "Elemental Mastery". A rather annoying quest since he wants you to get one of each elemental, fire, earth, water and wind. Just finding these on mobs isn't easy, so you'll probably have to scan the AH where people can ask ridiculous prices if you're unlucky. After this quest and one more you'll get the quest "Da Voodoo", which requires you to collect the feathers of the troll mini bosses (just as alliance paladins). Easy.
As reward you'll get to choose between "Azure Fists" (hands), "Enamored Water Spirit" (trinket) or "Wildstaff" (staff). It is clear, just as with druid, that Blizzard have tried to do one item that will fit each spec, resto, enhancement and elemental.
The gloves are therefore more of enhancement loot and decent, although they suffer from "old" itemizations with intellect and spirit. Intellect is an ok stat for enhancement though, so they aint bad.
The trinket is interesting. It's like an extra Mana Tide totem, since it restores 27 mana every 2 seconds to every group member, for 24 seconds (24 sec dur, 3 min cd). If used at every cooldown this is quite a nice trinket, and usable of course for any spec, not only resto. It gives a total of 324 mana, and unless I've counted like a blind hen, 9mp5 to everyone in the group(if you use it every cooldown). 27/2 = 13,5 mana each second (of its uptime) 24/3 = 8 seconds uptime each minute 13,5*8 = 108 (mana each minute) 108/12 = 9 (mana each 5 seconds, mp5). Not awesome, but since most people don't have two good trinkets already at this level, it's not a bad choice.
The staff, although it has strength (again with the odd itemization) is quite good. If you don't have boa, or some other nice instance staff like Zum'rahs Vexing Cane from Zul'Farrak, this is a nice option.
Overall I'd say to go for the staff if you're questing as ele or resto and don't have a really nice staff already. Like I said I'm a huge fan of hit rating. The trinket is a decent option, but doesn't add that much really.

Walrocks get their quest from Impsy the Imp in Felwood. Start out with "An Imp's Request" and after some prequests you'll get "Trolls of a feather" in which you're asked to collect the feathers of the mini troll bosses. Easy!
As reward you'll get to choose between "Soul Harvester" (Staff), "Abyss Shard" (trinket) or "Robes of Servitude".
Without much hassle I'll say that the staff probably is the best option. It has hit (<3) and a good amount of spellpower. The trinket is (and always has been) quite lousy. It gives stamina and a free voidwalker when used. But mana has rarely been the issue when summoning a pet. It used to make voidwalker free of shard cost when used, but actually that would be better than free of mana cost. Even better would be if it made the summon instant! But alas, that isn't so and therefore I think it's rather crappy. The chest is about as good as Robes of the Lich which drops in RFD, so you really should get that one instead. Also, the staff has a really cool scythe look going on. Who doesn't want to run around with a scythe?

And finally, my beloved warriors. You'll get your quest from the Fallen Hero of the Horde (yes even if you're alliance apparently), who stands on the border between Swamp of Sorrows and Blasted Lands. It starts with "A troubled spirit" and after some prequests you'll get "Voodoo Feathers" to collect feathers from the troll mini bosses. Yet again, easy!
As reward you'll get to choose between "Fury Visor" (head), "Diamond Flask" (trinket) or "Razorsteel Shoulders" (shoulders).
Both the head and shoulders are quite good, so you can choose whichever you like the best. Icemetal Barbute from the last boss of RFD drops a nice head too, so if you have that one already you might want to grab the shoulders instead.
The trinket has a really interesting use, 9hp5 and 75 strength for one minute (6 minute cd). That's 18hp5 and 12,5 strength overall. Could definitely come in handy. But overall I recommend the trinket from Hinterlands (Rune of the Guard Captain) and the trinket from Outlands (Bladefists Breadth) instead and going with either the head or shoulders.

That's it for this time people! Have fun in Sunken Temple.

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