Thursday, May 20, 2010

Putricide HC 10man, down!

Yes, we finally made it! After 2,5 hours of wiping, we finally got this bastard down in what to turned out to be a fairly smooth kill. We actually had a good start already with our first try and got him to phase three quite easily. But by then we always had someone dead and well, that just didn't work out for very long. As I wrote about last week, the main issue seems to get a hang of that damn disease. This time we really had everyone doing a superb job with it and it really made a difference. Remember the damn disease comes in phase 3 too! That took us off guard once.

We tried using two or three healers but found out we had an easier time with two! That is because the healing isn't really the issue (think I said that last time too ;)), but getting the fight mechanics right is. Handling the disease and the oozes, and of course all the other stuff that happens the correct way will make healing an easy job. It did become a little sweaty toward the end of phase 3 however, and just before he died I thought "ok, I've used all my trump cards and people will start dying just about now". It was really a relief when he died. And all that hard work finally paid off. It always does in the end. Imagine all the people who did this before the 15% buff! *phew*.

As always we forgot to take a kill shot, but the screen up there is from our successful attempt, and a bit into phase three. It was when he was around 10% (as in the picture) that healing started getting really tough. As you can see from the screen people were pretty topped off before that. I see now too that me and the other healer only held an 4k ish hps, which is way less than in our other attempts where we both were around 5k ish. That's what avoiding raid damage does!

It was a really fun fight, but I hope we'll try something else for a while now ;) We've only got Sindragosa and Lich King left on hc now so I suppose that Sindragosa is next. I've heard she should be easier than Putricide, but we'll see about that.

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