Monday, May 24, 2010

The epic story

Today Robes of Insight dropped for my rogue, that I am currently leveling. It really startled me. Although I have spent countless hours killing mobs (seriously, I don't want to count them) when leveling different chars, I haven't found that many boe world drop epics. With this robe I can think of five. And maybe I have forgotten one or two, so let's say 6 ish. Considering I've played this game for five years, that's little more than one world drop epic per year. Not so awesome. I have gotten some world drop epics in instances, like Eye of Flame in Sunken Temple once or Zom's Crackling Bulwark in PoS, but I don't count those. I mean those epics that no one else can roll on. Here is the story about my epics.

The Green Tower
On what turned out to be my first main, an alliance druid I played on my brothers account, I found my very first boe epic. It was in Stranglethorn Vale, when killing goblins. It was really great timing because I needed money for my mount and since I knew nothing of the game I had like no money. I had lent some money from an in game friend and by being able to sell this shield for some 70g I could pay him back at once. Actually, I wasn't completely alone when this thing dropped. Some guy had offered to boost me some by burning through some quests and he was the one doing all the killing. When I think back like this I was really a douche bag who took the shield from him XD
Thing is, when it dropped I didn't even know it was something special. I was that scrubby! But my brother who stood behind me instantly started shouting "omgomgneed!". So I just pressed need. Well back then I think it was greed/pass only, so I suppose I greeded. The guy did too of course but I won. This druid was the same char I met Love with by the way. Those were the times...

Wall of the Dead
My second ever boe epic was yet another shield. This time it was Wall of the Dead, when killing undeads on the graveyard area just by the alliance quest hub in WPL. Can't remember what it's called anymore, haven't been there for years, Chillwind Point? Anyway, I sold that one for some 100g ish, which was alot of money back then! Well at least it was for someone as poor and nub as me.

Kang the Decapitator
When leveling one of my warriors, the one I play the most, I did Jintha'alor with one of Loves chars. Can't remember which one now, maybe his druid. Anyway, Kang the Decapitator dropped and I wanted it for my warrior of course (and got it)! Back then he played a warrior too and we had some small fuss as to who really deserved it. Considering he deleted that warrior without it ever turning 60, and my warrior is tanking ICC... I think it's pretty clear Kang made the difference.

Boot of Avoidance
When leveling one of my paladins, the one I play the most, I found these nice tank boots while killing pirates in Tanaris - Boots of Avoidance. I used them of course, they're awesome! I'm not sure if they changed the stats since I used them, but they were good back then too I recall.

Robes of Insight
And today I found Robes of Insight while killing ogres in Tanaris! Funny thing is that just while I was marvelling the fact that I had found another boe epic, I was attacked by a wandering ogre. Who turned out to be a rare spawn. Who turned out to drop a blue item. So those were my lucky 5 minutes of this day!

Can you remember your first boe world epic drop?

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