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Favorite Moments of Wrath

I already made a post about general things I liked in Wrath (and some things I didn't like). This time I thought I'd make it a little more personal. What were my personal favorite moments throughout wrath? Let's sit down and think about the last two years. Surely alot must've happened that was special?

My First LK Kill
My old guild was awesome, but it had one big flaw. For along period during Wrath we didn't have 10 dedicated raiders. For someone like me who thinks endgame raiding is the only fun thing to do at all at endgame, that turned out to be a problem. It worked really well throughout Naxx and Ulduar, but then people started to drop off for various reasons and the already small raid troupe became even smaller. This combined with one of the most exclusive invite policies ever, you basically had to know someone in the guild irl and even then it took time to get an invite, really made getting a full raid together a pain in the ass. Increasingly more often did we had to "resort" to non-raiders, casual players and otherwise people who didn't want to dedicate as much time and effort into raiding as the rest of us. That meant people not knowing tactics, not having the right specs and not keeping their gears up to date. It made raiding more and more difficult. We had to choose between getting a bad raid going, or no raid at all. A complete raid with 10 dedicated raiders at once was a rare sight, but it did happen. The night we finally downed LK 10-man was one of those nights. I can't remember if we had had much trouble with the lk fight in particular. Because of the abovementioned issues we could get stuck on relatively easy bosses on a regular basis, which at times was extremely frustrating and because of this we probably had little hope to get a good enough group together to down LK.

But then one night everything clicked and we finally all came together like the old, awesome guild we once were back in BC and early Wrath. I remember the shouts of joy in Vent, the extreme euphoria I felt when he went down. It was truly undescribable. It was special in another sense as well. It was the first end-expansion boss I had ever downed. Since I never raided in a 25-man or 40-man raid I never got to see Nefarian or Illidan until afterwards when the world had already moved on. But I did get to LK when he was still tough and it is one of my fondest memories from Wrath. This kill together with us downing Putricide Hc 10man after many, many tries are also good closing memories of my old guild, a guild I had spent 3 years in.

My First Steps In Howling Fjord

I remember my very first impressions of Northrend very clear, and I remember how I totally loved it. I am glad I took my first steps in the beautiful Howling Fjord rather in the extremely dull looking Borean Tundra, and I was awestruck by the design and feeling of the place. I thought getting out into Hellfire Peninsula was pretty cool too, but Howling Fjord was even more special. And overall I really enjoyed the areas of Wrath more than BC. I liked the snowy mountaintops and plagued valleys. The crazy mix of jungle and tundra. I liked the way it stepped away from the spacy theme of BC and back to a more low-rp style. Wrath was also the first expansion I got to experience in full, and I want to thank Blizzard for making the content more available to players not in 25-man guilds, unlike in BC. I regret having missed out on awesome content like BT and Sunwell, just because I was in the wrong type of guild. But with Wrath I was there from the start, and I must say I loved it all the way.

Although this is of a more recent happening, one of my favorite moments in Wrath was me getting Mimirons Head. Like I mentioned in that post, I'm not usually a mount-collecter (I have some 13 or so), but there are still a couple of mounts I find extremely cool. The Headless Horseman mount is one, and Mimirons Head was another. I am now proud owner of one of these mounts!

Completed My Collection
A goal I had set for myself in the early Burning Crusade, I finally managed to finish collecting one end-leveled char of each class. Although I never actually put much effort into it, but merely leveled whenever I felt like it, it still felt really nice to have it done. Back in BC I nearly made it, and I think I only had my rogue and maybe druid left to level. But then wrath came and suddenly I had to level them all at least 10 more levels, and get a Death Knight. That set my progress back a bit. I have since then deleted my druid and started a new one, so my collection isn't in fact complete anylonger. But it was at one point, and that is all that matters!

Sarth 3d
My guild didn't do this the really hard way, that is killing all the add-drakes before killing off Sartharion. Instead we did it the nuke-way, which meant killing Sartharion before he summoned the second add-drake which made him immune to damage. You had 1 minute to do this (if I remember correctly) so this was still not something easy to do. I think we did it with Ulduar gear, and our raid group had just about as much raid damage needed to make it in 1 minute (or whichever time you had). It required some minute skill work by everyone involved, and when we finally pulled it off it really felt awesome. We had wiped and wiped and wiped. The dps had used every trick in the book to push out as much damage as they could. Prepotting, timing of skills - everything. Each time we failed extremely close to the goal. One time we failed with the boss at 600 hp. That's not even a joke. A dot from the healer had given us the kill. That is how close we were every good try.

Interestingly enough, the time we actually downed him I didn't heal. We only had one healer in the raid to get as much dps as possible, one tank that tanked Sartharion and one off-tank that kited the first add-drake. The time we actually killed him I was tanking with my paladin. Looking back at it now I can't remember why we chose to do this, probably because the druid that was healing had no other spec or char to join the raid with and so I offered to come as a tank instead of a healer. Love was the add-kiter and he was supposed to run off and die with the drake, far enough away for it not to return to the raid before we had downed Sartharion. Love was so used to dying and releasing that he did this automatically, and missed out on the kill. He was really bummed by this, but managed to get it some time later. In any case, this kill was truly an epic moment of Wrath for me.

Stepping It Up
Although not directly related to Wrath (or maybe it is), it was when playing Wrath I decided to become a more serious blogger. I had started the blog already back in BC, nearly 3 years ago, but only posted occasionally and without any real plan. Back then it was more like a personal diary and posting was very sporadic. Then, for no particular reason at all, I felt like I wanted to blog more continously. I decided to post a post each day if I could and that the post should be in a more article-fashioned way. Once I got it started it was really no trouble at all. I've been keeping it up for nearly a year now, loving each post and very rarely had a lack of ideas to write about or lacked the motivation to write them down. I have no idea how long I will keep on blogging, but I can't see an end to it right now. It could've been playing Wrath that finally jogged my motivation for it, and I've had great fun with it.

A Little Bit Of Everything

Looking back I remember tons of little moments in which I really enjoyed playing. I suppose that is why I spend so much time doing it afterall. There were some gear pieces I got that made me happy, like when I finally got that darned Althor's Abacus. There were plenty of exhausting bosses that felt really good to down when we finally did, except those already mentioned, like Yogg-Saron. And plenty of quests, events, mobs and other small details that highlighted my game time.

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  1. Not to mention the first yogg kill, miss you guys.