Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Top 5 Mobs That Always Get Me Killed

When leveling alot of alts like I do you end up doing the same areas and quests over and over. I actually don't mind much (seriously!) since I enjoy doing the same quests as long as I do it with a twist. Like playing a class I haven't played yet or a spec I haven't played yet. That way I get to compare different experiences between the classes with eachother and learn something new everytime. And interestingly enough there always seem to be some areas in the game where I have trouble surviving. Some mobs I encounter that always seem to kill me no matter what class or spec I play. Sure, some classes and specs have alot easier time with these mobs, but overall these mobs always end up really whooping my ass. Here is my list of my top 5 mobs that always manage to get me killed, not counting instance/raid mobs.

5. Scarlet Patrol (EPL)
In a way this is a dead give away. The Scarlet Patrollers in EPL are elite and in a group, so maybe the fact that they always kill me doesn't come off as very strange. They've also got a really nasty chain charge that stuns which make them dangerous to anyone who happen to get in their path. There are many mobs like these in the world of Azeroth. Like the sons of Arugal. But for some reason the Scarlet Patrollers come off as the worst. I always seem to bump into them when I least want it, like when there is no place to run or I am already fighting ten mobs or I was just about to log anyway and etcetera. It's like they know, they smell me, and spawn accordingly. So I hate them, deeply. Whenever I run around with some highbie to gank them, I never find them though. They hide and wait for when I relogg so they can gank my questing lowbie. Damn those Scarlets.

4. Runed Giant (Howling Fjord - Horde)
I'm not sure if this is a horde exclusive quest, since I've only leveled alliance to 70, but in any case I've only ever done it with my horde chars. You're supposed to kill Runed Giants, also elites, and mine them. Sounds easy enough, and I fool myself that I can make it every time. "Hah elites", I think. "Elite schmelites", I think. "Those are no match to me!", I think. But I'm usually wrong. These Giants wouldn't be so tricky if it wasn't for the fact that they stack one of the most horrible debuffs ever on you. It deals dot damage, when fully stacked 3000 damage every 2 seconds. That is some awesome amounts of damage in your face when you're only level 70 and can hope to have about 10k hp, depending on class. In fact the only classes I've done this quest with that weren't horribly beat to a pulp were a prot warrior, a demonology warlock and a hunter. The warrior because I had good amounts of hp, cooldowns and damage to be able to kill it before I died. The hunter and warlock because they had pets which the giant had to meat through before being able to kill me, giving me just enough time to kill the giant first. Damn those giants!

3. Blackrock Champions (Redridge Mountains - Alliance)
I like Redridge Mountains. Lots of fun and easy quests to do. One of those quests include killing Blackrock Champions. Yet again I always seem to underestimate how horrible they can be. The rest of the orcs aren't so bad so I always think the Blackrock Champions won't be either. But they're like wolves in sheeps clothing. They're standing there among the easy orcs, fooling you into letting your guard down and maybe pull a little extra mobs just because you know you can handle it. Or so you think. They're generally a couple of levels higher than the other orcs, and hit hard as trucks. Having three Blackrock Champions with Frenzy beating on me usually gets me killed really fast. And I never seem to learn because they always get me killed at least once. And I remember it extra well because the corpse run in Redridge is among the worst in the game.

2. Hexed/Voodoo Troll (Echo Isles - Horde)
I can rejoice, because these mobs are no more. Since the Echo Isles event these trolls were removed from the game, making questing on Echo Isles alot easier. Hexed Troll were extra horrible when being a lowbie since they immolate you and then the Voodoo trolls came and healed whoever you were just about to kill. And then they ran away and pulled some more. While running after them you accidentally pulled an extra tiger. Yay. Needless to say they really made my life a mess and usually also rather short as handling more than one troll always meant a sure death. And they were never alone. They seemed to stand behind every damn tree. If I had played alliance as much as I have played horde I am quite sure those blasted Shimmerweed trolls in the Gnome/Dwarf starting area would come close to being as annoying as these buggers. They too have an arsenal of really annoying skills which you'll have few tools to counter in those levels.

1. Nightbane Worgen (Duskwood - Alliance)
Duskwood is one of my favorite areas in all of WoW. It has just the right amount and mix of cozy, scary, adventourous and creepy to always bring a smile to my face whenever I get to quest there. I still read all the quests because most of them are completely awesome. Hearing about Jitters find in one of the old mines. Hearing about the fate of really interesting characters like Mor'Ladim and Stalvan Mistmantle. Helping Abercrombie create his abomination and killing his undead wife Eliza (which used to be a real nut to crack, her being elite and having elite adds and all). Duskwood has compiled some of the best quests in the game into one wonderful area. And then we have the Worgen. I like the lore behind the worgen being in Duskwood and all, but boy are they horrible to have to kill. They're humanoid which means they will chain eachother, and they do that often and alot. Some of the mobs are casters which means they'll find you from behind a wall and kill you without you ever knowing what was going on. Casters are especially annoying among chaining mobs, because they always lure you into overpulling. They stand there casting on you, you take some steps closer to be able to hit them. And another step. And another. Just a liiiittle bit closer. And then you've suddenly aggrod another four worgen. Most of them stand in huge groups which means once you've killed of the few standing by themselves you have to either wait for respawns or kamikaze your way into them. When you've killed them all and stand there panting with 2% hp left, having used all your cooldowns to succeed, Gutspill shows up to finish the job. Yeah, those Worgen have sure made me do a whole lot of corpse running in my day.

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  1. Fortunately, I don't get killed by your top 5 that recognizable often. Strangely I was from my first steps creative enough to smartass my way with crowd control skills around these mobs once I pulled them. No doubt that engineering took also a part.

    The only real danger to me, while leveling, are large patrols, like the elite alliance one near Hammerfall. I tend to run, brain-AFK, straight into them.

    Agree on the introduction. New classes and talents really kept my twinks going.

  2. @Vasburg & Mike
    Oh yes, all patrols and huge elites sneaking up (like devilsaurs too) usually get me killed a couple of times. I actually really hate the fel reaver come to think of it, but I don't spend enough time in Hellfire for him to be able to kill me often enough ^^