Monday, June 14, 2010

Escort Quests and You

I thought I'd mention something about some of the most dreaded quests in the game - the escort quests. Most escort quests are, or at least used to be, horrible manifestations of tedious, slow walks and nearly impossible to manage suprise attacks. Fortunately Blizzard have fixed alot of escorts since the dawn of WoW, and now we even find some that are rather fun! Didn't expect that did ya? I'll list some good escort quests, some ok escort quests and an escort quests that for a long time was crowned the most horrible of all.

The Good Ones
On Bloodmyst Isle you get an escort quest to help demolitionist Legoso in his attempt to destroy the Vector Coil of the Blood Elves in the area, called Ending Their World. The Blood Elves that you encounter are elite, so it is no easy task. Fortunately, Legoso is a shaman. As you go low on hp he will actually heal you! I love that guy, we were some team running in there and bombing those silly Blood Elves. He had a really nice AI, healing me just when I needed it making the whole thing "soloable" (I had him after all), as a paladin anyway.

In Redridge Mountains you get a quest to kill Blackrock Champion, and when you venture into their area you will find Corporal Keeshan who needs your help to escape. The Champions (and other mobs in the area) might not be elite, but they're rather tough if you're about their level. Fortunately, Keeshan is one hell of a tank. Not only is he elite, he has Mocking Blow (taunt attack) as his standard attack, making it really hard to pull aggro from him. The only drawback is that he'll only tank one mob at a time, but considering he's a wounded captive trying to escape I'm quite glad he does even that.

The Ok Ones
A quest most people hate, but that I can't help but liking is the one were you escort the lost turtle Tooga through the Tanaris desert to his wife Torta. The bad things about it is that Tooga is extremely slow and you have to run a loooong way with him. The good things about the quest is that Tooga will follow you, not the other way around as is the usual business about escort quests. Tooga also has some rather funny things to say on your treck towards Torta, which definitely makes this quest worth doing at least once. They've even gotten one item each as an hommage to their awesomeness; Tooga's Lost Toenail and Torta's Oversized Choker.

I also enjoy the robot-chicken escorts that you can find in Hinterlands, Tanaris and Feralas. Although those quests (most notably the one in Hinterlands) were really, really long, some of them have been improved lately. Less mob encounters and less running. And best of all, if you do them all you get a robot chicken pet (which is sellable for nice money!). And honestly, who doesn't love that robot chicken?

The Horrible One
I can think of one really horrible escort quest, although there are many of course. There is a quest in Ashenvale to escort the druid Kerlonian Evershade to Maestra's Post. Kerlonian will follow you around, just like Tooga and this is lucky because there are two reasons this quest is so horrible. First of all, Kerlonian will fall asleep now and then, which means you have to wake him with a horn. But even worse, if you follow the road you'll be attacked by two packs of three mobs (not both packs at once though). Worst of all, Kerlonian dies -extremely- easily. He can take two, three blows and then he goes down. I doubt if there is any weaker escortee out there. It is nearly impossible to have him survive the attack because even if you greatly outlevel the quest, Kerlonian gets aggro first and is usually killed faster than you've got time to snatch aggro back. Only a really well timed aoe could save his ass... Or a pw: shield now that they've changed it to be castable on npc's. And when he dies, well you have to start all over again. A tip is to simply avoid the road all together and run through the woods instead, where the mobs are much more manageable. Or just leave his sorry ass behind and go do a fun quest instead.

Can you think of any escort quests you really like/dislike?

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