Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh no, amigurumis again

Today was my final work day for some months. One could say my holiday started today, but not just yet since I have this major exam which has to be done a in a couple of days. Because of that, and because I want to relax some extra on my last work day I thought I'd give you some Amigurumis to keep you company instead of a regular post. I can hear your screams of joy already! Oh and by the way, I haven't invented the templates for any of the amigurumis I've shown so far, I've done them all from books, so no creds to me! Well I made them so some creds to me...Oh and that is my crap ass computer chair they're standing in by the way. It's so lousy I have to use an extra pillow to sit on, and I still get constant back aches <.< Donations for a new chair will be accepted!

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