Friday, January 29, 2010

100 posts!

I totally missed that my last post was my 100th post! Congratulations to this blog!

It started a little more than 2 years ago, in 5th of December 2007, and my first post was about leveling one of my warriors (which I still play today). I was only 22 back then, ah such a child ;).

I hadn't played prot warrior much, and didn't even like it, but since getting a group as a tank was so easy I thought I had to give it a try. I had already tanked some on my paladin and noted how much easier it was in comparison. Unfortunately my warrior tanking was made slightly more difficult by the fact that I hadn't upranked any of my skills and was still using rank 1 on everything! That was back then when changing spec meant that you had to repurchase every rank on every skill. That sucked. And all that whining about how much I hated to tank as a warrior has still turned into a guide on how to do it 2 years later! I suppose that warrior tanking kinda grew on me. And also they did changes to the class which made it more fun of course.

Back then the blog was all about WoW, but after a while I realized there are more things in life that are interesting to write about. So I started writing about different stuff, movies, books. Well anything really, and it has turned the blog into what it is today. There is still alot of WoW though, in fact I'd say a majority of the posts is about WoW in some way.

It has also changed design somewhat, it had a green color with orange text before I think (or the other way around...). I didn't really like it however, I thought it was a little difficult to read and decided to change it into what it is now. It has changed adress too, it used to be called, but since it isn't exclusively about WoW anymore, and since that adress was way too long, I changed it to what it is today.

2 years ago... much has happened and in a sense nothing has changed. 2 years ago we were still playing BC, and were still gonna do so for another year. Most of the chars I still play were created back then. The only one that has been added is my little DK, which I haven't played much yet anyway.

My posts back then were more diarylike, but I changed it into the article mode they're in now, and I like it better. Hopefully that's more interesting too, but I still mostly write the blog for my own purposes. I think to really entertain other readers you should stick to one subject or theme, but I like to write about different things and hopefully there is something for anyone in here, although not every post is interesting to everyone.

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