Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Amigurumis!

I was going to write the last post about "Going back to the roots of WoW" today, but due to waking up really early and being out and about all day (and it is really freezing where I live right now) I am dead-tired. Therefore I thought I'd entertain you with some more pictures of Amigurumis I have made and hope they will keep you happy you until tomorrows post!

I had some real issues with the trunk of the elephant. I had to redo it totally several times, and I finally settled for one (slightly over-sized and monster looking one though, but he's still cute). I still haven't got the hang on that kind of crocheting though, these long, thin tube-like parts are really tricky...

This red and black guy (still nameless, since Love doesn't want me to name all my Amigurumis "Love" and I can't think of anything else) was really fun to make and I'll probably make another one in pink or something. The poor guy hasn't gotten any eyes yet though, because I didn't think about buying light colored buttons the last time I was to the sewing store. I've made more amigurumis, like a bumble-bee, but he too lacks eyes. I'll keep him until next time I need to sleep instead of writing blog posts ;)

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