Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's wrong with you, druid?

I started writing this post and then firefox crashed... Now I have to rewrite it all. Ah well...
Although I've been listening to a druid (Love) whine for more than 3 years I didn't want to take his word for their suckiness until I had tried them out for myself. Also you need some kind of reference to really know how bad things are.

I've been playing tank warrior and tanka paladin for quite some time now. I've also had a little druid hanging around waiting for me to level it to 80. It has been around for a really long time now and I still haven't gotten it to 80. I've tried different specs for questing but nothing really stuck with me. Finally I thought, maybe I just don't want to quest with it. I specced resto and decided only to level it by instances. Before the LFG-System this took a really long time. Standing around on a char I couldn't do anything else with didn't feel particularly fun either. But then came the LFG-System. Now I could get a group in 5 minutes instead of 50. But I still didn't like waiting around for even 5 minutes, so I thought to really get the fast groups I had to be a tank. I collected some scrap greens with stamina and agi and started my tanking career. Immediately I noticed some issues with bear tanking that are quite annoying.

No interrupt or silence?
No, bears have no interrupts or silences what so ever. The only thing which could be used as an interrupt is also a stun (bash) which doesn't help much for positioning. This means they have to rely on the rest of the group to help them with this issue. And you can ask any tank how much they enjoy having to rely on the rest of the group on any matter.
What could be done about this? Simply give bears the cat forms Maim ability, with a 1 min cd if you like. That would at least give them something every other tank has.

Everything on gcd?
Yes, bears have nearly everything on gcd. They even had Barkskin on gcd until not so long ago! And they still have Berserking on gcd which is really annoying. As far as I remember the paladins Avenging Wrath isn't on gcd, and that isn't even the very last talent in a tree (like Berserking) but a free skill!
Just simply make it equal to spells like Avenging Wrath and take it off gcd already!

Rage starved?
Ok, this isn't an issue at level 80 I know. But consider this - there are two rage using tanks out there, warriors and druids. Warriors have no less than 2 different talents to lower the costs of their skills with no less than 6 rage. This will make for instance Devastate cost 2 rage, if fully talented. Druids have nothing of that, but their skills still cost as much as warriors and their rage regen is as good (bad?). Like I said, this isn't an issue at 80, but a huge issue at lower levels, at least in my experience. My Enrage is enough for one swipe and then I have to wait (!), for more rage. No tank ever wants to wait to be able to do their threat skills.

Some of the problems:
Enrage, the equivalent to Bloodrage, reduces total armor by 16%. That is definitely worse than the penalty of Bloodrage (16% base hp), which you can remove with a minor glyph too. Using Enrage during raidbosses is usually a no no.
Feral charge, the equivalent to charge, costs rage instead of generating it. What's up with that? It does the same thing, is there for the very same purpose, and yet this horrible difference.

So, something has to be done. Feral druids are suffering too much from them (Blizzard devs) having to squish two totally different spec into one tree. No other class in the game has this problem. It has lead to some unacceptable compromises which need to be fixed. Pronto!

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