Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First impressions on Rotface

As you can see Rotface is about as pretty as his... her... name. Since we've been doing some tries on him... it... recently in my guild I thought I'd give you some of the impressions I have of this fight. Is it another Malacrass!? No. I've tried it on both 10man and 25man, but since none of our raidgroups were optimal, like having several pugged and such, we unfortunately didn't down it. And eventhough we didn't down it, I'd actually say it's a fairly easy fight. As with most new raidbosses there simply are alot of things to think about. And some of those things are less forgiving on some bosses than on others. Forgetting to do a few of those things could be devastating when fighting one boss and no problem when fighting another. Rotface is the classical "everyone has to do everything right or we will probably fail" kind of boss. But that goes for many bosses.

Both on 10man and 25man some things about this fight will be more important to do right than others. Eventhough I say some things are more ok to stand in than other, you should of course always try not to take dmg from anything if you can avoid it. But that's in a perfect world. I'll do a simple list starting with the easiest.
1. Main Tanking - Definitely without a doubt the easiest role in this fight is to tank Rotface himself... itself. As a main tank you basically only have to think about one thing, and that is moving from the exploding Big Ooze. See step 5.

2. Slime Spray - Every now and then Rotface will target a random raid member and spew slime at him. This has a 1,5sec cast time and then a channel effect. It is quite easy to move from, which you should. This is also one of the easiest things to forget about. Standing in it for some ticks doesn't do that much damage though, so missing out on moving from this one is ok.

3. Sticky Ooze - The Big Oozes (see step 6 and 7) will put a relatively small puddle of Sticky Ooze on the floor. This decreases movement speed and does some dmg. As with everything else that is green on the floor you shouldn't stand in it. It doesn't matter much if you accidentally step into it, unless you're kiting something.

4. Ooze Flood - Every now and then Rotface will flood about one third of the floor. Standing in that ooze ticks for about 5k nature dmg every other second or so. Standing in it is therefore not advised, but accidentally running into it isn't a catastrophe. But because of this I strongly recommend having the entire raid standing close to Rotface as no flood will ever get all the way to him.

5. Unstable Ooze Explosion - When enough Small Oozes have merged with a Big Ooze, the Big Ooze will explode. It randomly targets 8 members of the raid and shoots a slime ball at where they are standing which does about 6k damage in a 6 yard raidus. This means whoever is in that place when it lands will take dmg. When the Ooze explodes, the offtank gives a shoutout for everyone to move (DBM and other addons like it will tell you also). Everyone should then try to move somewhere where no one has been before. If you have the entire raid stand in the middle, everyone could just run out to the edges for example.

6. Offtank Kiting - Definitely without a doubt the toughest role in this fight if and only if, people suck att step 4, the kiting of small oozes. The biggest issue that could arise is that people merge their small oozes with eachother instead of with the big ooze so that another big ooze appears. Having to kite two big oozes around the room should be avoided at all costs.

7. Mutated Infection - Rotface will target a random raid member (although not the main tank) and infect them with a Mutated Infection. When this disease runs out or is cleansed, a small ooze will appear. This Small Ooze will run after whoever "summoned" it until it can merge with someone elses Small Ooze. They then become a Big Ooze who can and must be kited by the offtank. Anyone else who gets a Small Ooze needs to run to the Big Ooze so the Small Ooze is merged with the big one. Neither the small nor the big oozes should ever go near the raid, but be kited in a circle around it.
Getting this right is paramount to succeeding with the fight. Every single person who delays the kiting, runs the wrong way, runs through the raid and whatnot, adds a strain to the raidhealing which is non-acceptable. If you want to learn to do one thing right and focus every brainpower you've got into something, it should be this.

Both times when I did this our biggest problem was with step 7. People missed that they had the infection, ran the wrong direction, merged their small oozes the wrong way and etc. So, going back to what I said in the beginning, this fight is probably quite easy if everyone at least get the kiting of Small Oozes right.
We'll give it another try soon and hopefully have it downed then!

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