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How to! Warrior Tank - Level 15-29 (part 3)

Hello again! Here we are at my final post about how to be a warrior tank, in this particular bracket. Don't worry, there will be more about it later on, but no more about level 15-29. Let's get started right away.
I could mention a little about what gear you should look for, but it's really simple. Just grab anything that has more stamina and/or strength than your current gear. Agility is also a good stat for you. It won't be much more complicated than that until level 60. For particular gear pieces to look after we'll go directly to...
- Ragefire Chasm; the very first instance you'll get to do is RFC. It is the lowest leveled instance in the game with mobs varying from approximately 13-16. Since you can't enter through the lfg-system until you're 15 this instance will quite easy. It counts as a horde instance and that means you won't be able to do the quests as alliance. This is true for most horde instances and also vice versa of course. RFC is pretty straightforward. You can't get lost for long. There are two bosses that drop loot, Taragaman and Jergosh. As a tank there are some nice stuff for you to get in here. Taragaman drops Subterranean Cape and Cursed Felblade, and Jergosh drops Cavedweller Bracers and Chanting Blade.
- Wailing Caverns; (15-21) I never got pugged into this instance myself, so I don't know if that's for a reason. WC is an extremely confusing instance, and if you've never been there you could seriously spend hours trying to find your way. Unfortunately this is true for many lowbie instances, so might as well be ready for it and keep your fingers crossed that at least someone in your group knows where to go. As for gear there is alot to get since this instance holds so many bosses. Counting from the first boss - Kresh can drop one of two really nice shields, Kresh's Back or Worn Turtle Shell Shield. Lady Anacondra drops Serpent's Shoulders or Belt of the Fang. They may be leather but you should still grab them (unless a leather user wants them). Lord Cobrahn drops Cobrahn's Grasp or Leggings of the Fang. Lord Pythas drops Armor of the Fang or Stinging Viper. Skum can drop Glowing Lizardscale Cloak or Tail Spike. Lord Serpentis drops Footpads of the Fang or Savage Trodds. And finally if you do the escort, Mutanus can drop an awesome chest, Mutant Scale Breastplate. So you see, if you have the patience to do the entire instance, which takes quite a while, there is alot to get from it.
- Shadowfang Keep; (18-25) One of my favorite instances. It has a cozy aura about it, is fairly simple and doesn't take too long (compared to other lowbie instances). You can't really get lost in this instance, which is nice too. Rethilgore can drop Rugged Spaulders. Razorclaw can drop Butcher's Slicer or Butcher's Cleaver. Baron Silverlaine can drop Baron's Scepter or Silverlaine's Family Seal (good rings are rare, so that one is a real treat, if it drops. It never does). Commander Springvale can drop a nice shield, Commander's Crest. If you're lucky you'll find the rare spawn, Deathsworn Captain who can drop a nice chest, Phantom Armor. Fenrus can drop Black Wolf Bracers or Fenrus' Hide. Nandos can drop Wolfmaster's Cape and finally Arugal himself can drop Meteor Shard. So another goodie bag instance full of nice stuff.
- Gnomeregan; (24-33) Another one of those really confusing instances. Actually Gnomeregan is probably among the worst instances if you've never been to it before (Maraudon and Sunken Temple are pretty horrible as well). If you know it, there's an easy way from the start to the last boss which includes jumping from high places at some points. If you don't know about it however you'll be in this instance for quite some time. Also Gnomeregan is famous for it's odd overpulling, where tons of mobs just seem to come from nowhere. Scary to say the least. So is there anytning good to find there? If you go the fast way you won't do all the bosses, but I'll mention every loot worth grabbing anyway. Grubbis, one of the bosses usually skipped, drops some really nice gloves, Grubbis Paws. Viscous Fallout drops Toxic Revenger which should be taken not only because it's good, but because it sounds cool! Electrocutioner drops Electrocutioner Leg, another good weapon. He also drops the key for the backdoor, which could come in handy, so don't forget it. And finally Mekgineer Thermaplugg drops a nice shield, Thermaplugg's Central Core. It has spirit but that shouldn't keep you from taking it. The damage it deals actually equalled to about 2% of my total damage when I used it, and who could use such a shield better than a tank?
- Razorfen Kraul; (25-30) The final instance for this bracket is RFK. RFK is just like Gnomeregan in that way that it's easy to pull too many simply because the mobs react to someone through a wall or from beneath/above you. When I did this instance yesterday we accidentally pulled like 15 (seriously) pigs from the final gauntlet, although we were nowhere near it. I don't know how it happened but it happened. And although the paladin healer bubbled me, effectively cancelling all my chances of holding any aggro, we made it. Unfortunately there isn't much more to get from this instance as tank. There are some weapons mostly. Aggem drops Thornspike and Tusken Helm, Agathelos drops Swinetusk Shank and Charlga (the last boss not counting the escort) drops Pronged Reaver which is nice too.
I'd thought we'd finish this with a little talk about Professions. Now as I see it there are three types of professions. The ones you have because they're good at level 80, the ones you have because they're good when you level and the ones you have because they will earn you money. Some professions are several of these at once of course. And earning money through a gathering professions like herbalism, mining or skinning is really easy as a lowbie. If you use what you gather for some crafting profession however the money will drop some. So it is really up to you whether you want to make money from your profession or something you can use.

Personally I like herbalism and alchemy on my prot tanks. Both herbalism and alchemy are really great for when leveling, and although it is not the best level 80 profession, it is still quite good. With herbalism you get Lifeblood, which has been a lifesaver many times. It's less useful at level 80 though, but still not bad. With alchemy you'll be able to supply yourself with much needed health potions and elixirs of different kinds. You'll need potions less and less though but they'll never be bad.

Mining and blacksmithing is another good option. You won't have very much use of blacksmithing until later on when you can craft really good stuff, but mining is without a doubt the most lucrative market to get into. A stack of copper ore can sell for 5g+ on any server. That's a lot of money for a little lowbie! And the ore only gets more and more expensive which means you'll make more and more money. If you want quick and easy money, mining is the way to go.

Being a warrior I'd also recommend all the secondary professions. First aid is a must have of course. Cooking is quite useful as well and unless you find fishing dreadfully boring (and it was until they buffed it) it'll be a good way to boost your cooking.
That's it for this first bracket! Now it'll take a while before I post anything about the second bracket (30-39) simply because I have to level to 40 before I can do it ;) See ya then!
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