Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amigurumus - fun for the whole family!

Yes I've fallen into the Amigurumi trap too. As soon as I saw one I knew I wanted to make some myself! What is an Amigurumi you may ask? Or maybe you don't, maybe you've already seen them. In case you havent anyway, they are crocheted things. Basically anything, as long as it's cute. I was first introduced to them by my mom who sent me a picture of a little Cthulu Amigurumi she had done. I haven't asked for her permission to show it here, but I hope she won't mind. Like I said I fell for it instantly and asked her to give me a little Amigurumi kit as christmas gift. A few weeks later I am well on my way to do my own little Cthulus!

Ok, I haven't gotten that far yet. Since I've never crocheted anything before I started out a little more easy, doing mushrooms, carrots and mice (and some dude with a pink furry cap). The hard part is rarely the crocheting itself, but putting the pieces together or doing really small parts. Like the ears of the mouse, that was a tough one. My fingers are just too fat :/
And eventhough it was the hardest to do I like the mouse the most so far, so I think I'll do another one soon. I'm working on a cat right now, and I've also bought a new book with other patterns than the one I already have. You'll surely see more of my Amigurumis, whether you like it or not!

I really recommend doing these if you have any interest in puttering. The patterns range from the very, very easy (like the casrrot) to the harder ones (which I havent tried yet). And since the reward is an adorable little Amigurumi of your choice and by your creation, how can you say no?

I know the mouse looks hanged, don't think I have any kind of morbid fascination for dead animals. Cross-eyes was just simply the easiest to do and I wanted to hang it somewhere where I could see it... that's all.


  1. Cute =)

    A few comments:

    "My fingers are just too fat :/"

    Not likely, not even remotly likely. They might be greasy though...

    "(and some dude with a pink furry cap)"

    Einstein? well, if einstein would of had pink hair. It dose look kind of grayish to me...

    (som också rekomenderat bloggen till pa)

  2. Einstein! Good idea, I'll call him that :D /Becca