Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Did Gruul's Lair for the first time (for me and my guild) and it went kickass! Got Maulgar down on third try and Gruul on second. We had like three living when gruul died, which made it extra fun ^^
Got no loot but that'll come. I'll definitely do more Gruul runs! Fast and quite easy, way funnier than Zul'aman imo... Zul'aman has so much trash, Gruul is concentrated to fun boss fights. And you can get pwny loot fast. All good.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh Shadow, I love thee...

The first char I ever leveled to 60 (this was long before BC) was a shadowpriest (I had gotten a warlock to 55 and a druid to 52 before that). At that time instance-dps wasn't viable as shadowpriest and all I ever got to do was heal heal heal, and I didn't do that good either, since I was meant to kill really! So pvp was a blast and everything else sucked...
So I decided that if I ever was to do what I really wanted, to inflict pain and suffering (not only onto other players, but onto the rest of the world as well), I had to leave my dear shadowpriest behind. I rerolled warlock (again) and worked my way to 70.
After a while I looked up my old love the shadowpriest and decided I wanted to play her again. This time she was gonna be holy tho, since I already had my dpser the lock. But with BC they actually made shadowpriest work in instances! People actually -ask- for them and -like- them. I was stunned. My priest is holy and has nearly no dpsgear (and it all sucks). Respeccing means endless runs to get reasonable gear. No, I wanted to do this from scratch.
Unfortunately I've already filled my mainserver with chars, so I had to start one elsewhere. Now I have, on an rp-server so the damn gankers won't bother me EVER AGAIN!
And I love every second of it, shadowpriest has always been my calling! (Altho I love warlocks too).