Monday, March 30, 2009

Thoughts on Holy Fire

Holy Fire has definitely been buffed and is now actually an usuable spell. Remember before when it had a gruesome 3,5 sec cast time (talented down to 3 sec or sumthin) and was practically only used as an opener.
So compared to that I am happy to say it has become a really good spell for any holydps priest rotation (them priests who wants to heal at low levels but don't wanna suck too much in solo questing, like me).
But what's up with the dot? Not until the last rank does it do more than like 150 dmg, in total, and lasts 7 sec. That's not long enough for any rogue to care in pvp and not strong enough for anyone else to care for that matter either. So what is the meaning of it?
Well I sure as heck don't know...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why DK's are (slightly) OP

Many people say DK's are too good, but they can't really say what's so good about them. It's everything, they do too much dmg and wear plate and can cc and silence and other nasty stuff. Well, there are some very obvious things that make DK's way better than other class. Whereas most classes have drawbacks to skills (i.e cd's, casting times and such) most of DK's skills lack these.
To illustrate my example, let's compare two skills that resemble eachother; Battle Shout and Horn of Winter. Now they do about the same thing - BS gives (untalented) 548 ap and lasts 2 min, HoW gives 155 str/agi for 2 min. So one could first of all argue, which is best? AP or str/agi. Although 155 str/agi is less ap it still affects other things, like crit/block/parry etc... In any case, no one would say BS is definitely better than HoW.
Yet BS costs 10 rage and HoW gives 20 runic power. This means HoW is purely beneficial, and has no drawbacks whatsoever.
And this illustrates the difference between DK's and every other class beautifully imo.
I might figure out more examples later.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sarth 1d

We tried on Sarth 1d 10man yesterday and succeeded on the third try, the first two tries barely counting. I must say I was somewhat suprised at how easy it was. We have alot of well-geared people in our guild, but most people still fail on the basics, like "don't stand in the fire", "don't stand in the green goo on the floor" etc. It's slightly understandable if you're a healer, trying to keep the raid alive or a tank, trying to pick up mobs. But as a dps, only rotating your spells, it should be easy to move from the nasty stuff, righg? Maybe I'm biased, since I don't dps ^^ I always find the healing to be the toughest part of most boss encounters. But seriously tho, it is. It's the only role that's never the same. A dps does the same rotation (basically) and a tank stands and takes the pain in the same way (except on some bosses where they have to move some, oh my) on every boss. But for a healer it's always something else, and what spell to use in the next moment is never clear. Well that is why I love it, less whine.
Anyway, we left Tenebron, which is considered easy-mode. And it was. The first two tries we separated the dragons too much, and the offtank had trouble reaching the adds who went for the poor little resto-druids we had. And since they don't have fade (like me >:) they were killed pretty fast. Once we got the positioning of the offtank sorted it worked smooth as butter. We had a fat bear tanking Sarth, and he barely took any dmg. The arms-warrior and retridin were low at times (crazily chopping around on the adds) but we had no deaths. We even got the "move from the damn fire wave" to work for everyone.
So next, sarth 2d! Or maybe even 3d at once, we haven't really decided. What we lack is dps. Yesterday most people were around 3k (some over, some below), which is barely what a healer mana-pool can take. Yesterday I oomed when Sarth was on 10% or so and got an innervate. Now 3d doesn't take three times the time, fortunately, but still plenty more time than 1d. So wtb more dps kkthxbai.