Monday, January 21, 2008

I just have to have my roflcopter

Getting the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine isn't that difficult really, you just gotta mine... alot. After mining what I thought was alot I still wasn't anywhere near enough mats tho. I had like one tenth (not counting the mats for the regular flying machine which are also needed) of everything I needed. I complained to Love who told me he had like 100 bars of this and even more of that in his bank and I could borrow it all if only I gave it back some day. Hehe sure I will >:D
So now I'm nearly done with my Machine! Only need 1,2 Primal Fires more... Ah and of course, 375 skill in engineering -_-

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Morass is a tankers dream... (how many "tank" can you find?)

After respeccing to tank and tanking some instances I feel that although many instances can be a pain in the ass to tank (like Durnholde omg) Black Morass must've been done to please all the tanks out there. I've played that instance as dps, healer and tank and as a tank there is really nothing for me to do. Just run to the big guy and hit him some, run to next big guy and hit him some. Nothing special to think about and quite comfy. As a dps tho I would most likely be stuck with the adds. Not that they are difficult, but they give alot to do. As a healer I need to think about the add-killers who can take quite a beating, and overall I would have to think about conserving my mana! Except of course as tank... Run to the big guy, and hit him. That is really all. Thank you Blizzard for this instance.
Tanking is quite fun tho, as long as everyone in the party follow the marks and all that of course. Did a run in bot and was stuck with a bunch of half-brains (except my sweet Love). Them people can make any easy-peasy run the run from hell. After kicking two idiots we finally found someone who knew what the skull target was and didn't ninja stuff they couldn't use...

Sometimes I wish you had to undergo some sort of IQ test before you could use this game.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Warrior -> 70!

So there you have it, warrior turned 70. Got me some felsteels gear from Love which I've gemmed up some, nothing fancy, just what I could find on AH.
Plan is to respecc prot now, instance like heck (tanking is fun!) and if I ever wanna quest for some money or such again, just respecc back, aint that much money...

I can't prot you to death!

I couldn't take it anymore! Grinding as prot warrior was ok, but me and Love thought we'd burn through my last levels in Netherstorm so I respecced fury and we wrecked some major havoc. Expect me to be 70 very soon!
But... grinding as protadin was a major pain in the back >:/ I just couldn't take it anymore, so I went and respecced retri for some levels, people will have to live without a tank till I get better gear and can do some bloody damage! At first I couldn't decide whether to be holy or prot, but since they both suck at questing (more than retri) I decided none of them would be ok until I've geared up. So we'll see when the migty protadin returns!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hunter -> 70!

Yes yes, I've finally gotten my hunter to 70. It's taken a while, I've had her for something like 1,5 years, but played her only now and then. Good thing is you don't have to play hunter much to level them. You just run around and kill some random stuff and suddenly you hit 70. Such an easy class.
And now I can finally equip them epic gloves (Crystalhide Handwraps) I bought like half a year ago, they've been rotting in my bank ever since. Until now!

And now I'm busting my ass off to do myself a flying machine. First of all I've gotta skill up my engineering, and that's a major pain in the ass of course, as with nearly all crafting proffessions when they near 375... And then you need revered with consortium to do the Elemental Seaforium Charges. I'm not even friendly :S Luckily enough a guy in my guild can do them *phew*

Thursday, January 3, 2008


If you've got all the mats ready, and a fat druidbear to boost you for the last part, the pala charger quest takes about an hour. Of course it takes longer if you like me fly SM -> UC -> LHC instead of SM -> LHC but no ones perfect -_-.
It seemed like the Azerothian Diamond would be the only thing I couldn't get, but then Love got a whisper from someone who asked if he needed one (after he had asked in /trade for one). The following conversation took place;
Love: What's your price?
Player: 30g
Love: Ouch, never seen it for more than 10g...
Player: I sold one for 45g last time
Love: I could stretch to 25g, but anything above that is just too painful.
Player: How about 15g?
Love: Sure

He actually bargained himself to a 15g cut. Fascinating. I wish I met more people like that.
After I got my charger I went and bought myself a chocobo, they're way cooler.

I also found that the Thrallmar rep axe is quite nice for me.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Paladin -> OL!

Got my paladin into Outlands today. Although it's my fifth char there now, I still get fascinated about how much better the first quest-greens in HP are compared to whatnotepics from Azeroth. I remember I kept Benediction to 70 with my priest and she also still has a blue ZG head (I've actually still not managed to find anything better, how unlucky am I, or lazy rather...), but anything else just goes out the window.
My pala already has 1300 more mana and another level in like an hour. Freaky. What will not happen when the next expansion comes out? Somehow it feels like wasted time to spend hours on imba-epics when I know they will be crap (crap!) in Northrend.
Questing as prot is a pain. It's easier to soloquest as protection warrior. Maybe that'll improve once my gear is better, I've only switched out four or so pieces so far.
And there is no good protadin onehander in outlands till like level 65, or am I blind? I have the silencing sword from Gandling, anything else is just too slow. Maybe I should go holy instead. *sigh*