Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Paladin -> OL!

Got my paladin into Outlands today. Although it's my fifth char there now, I still get fascinated about how much better the first quest-greens in HP are compared to whatnotepics from Azeroth. I remember I kept Benediction to 70 with my priest and she also still has a blue ZG head (I've actually still not managed to find anything better, how unlucky am I, or lazy rather...), but anything else just goes out the window.
My pala already has 1300 more mana and another level in like an hour. Freaky. What will not happen when the next expansion comes out? Somehow it feels like wasted time to spend hours on imba-epics when I know they will be crap (crap!) in Northrend.
Questing as prot is a pain. It's easier to soloquest as protection warrior. Maybe that'll improve once my gear is better, I've only switched out four or so pieces so far.
And there is no good protadin onehander in outlands till like level 65, or am I blind? I have the silencing sword from Gandling, anything else is just too slow. Maybe I should go holy instead. *sigh*

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