Thursday, January 3, 2008


If you've got all the mats ready, and a fat druidbear to boost you for the last part, the pala charger quest takes about an hour. Of course it takes longer if you like me fly SM -> UC -> LHC instead of SM -> LHC but no ones perfect -_-.
It seemed like the Azerothian Diamond would be the only thing I couldn't get, but then Love got a whisper from someone who asked if he needed one (after he had asked in /trade for one). The following conversation took place;
Love: What's your price?
Player: 30g
Love: Ouch, never seen it for more than 10g...
Player: I sold one for 45g last time
Love: I could stretch to 25g, but anything above that is just too painful.
Player: How about 15g?
Love: Sure

He actually bargained himself to a 15g cut. Fascinating. I wish I met more people like that.
After I got my charger I went and bought myself a chocobo, they're way cooler.

I also found that the Thrallmar rep axe is quite nice for me.

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