Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Black Morass is a tankers dream... (how many "tank" can you find?)

After respeccing to tank and tanking some instances I feel that although many instances can be a pain in the ass to tank (like Durnholde omg) Black Morass must've been done to please all the tanks out there. I've played that instance as dps, healer and tank and as a tank there is really nothing for me to do. Just run to the big guy and hit him some, run to next big guy and hit him some. Nothing special to think about and quite comfy. As a dps tho I would most likely be stuck with the adds. Not that they are difficult, but they give alot to do. As a healer I need to think about the add-killers who can take quite a beating, and overall I would have to think about conserving my mana! Except of course as tank... Run to the big guy, and hit him. That is really all. Thank you Blizzard for this instance.
Tanking is quite fun tho, as long as everyone in the party follow the marks and all that of course. Did a run in bot and was stuck with a bunch of half-brains (except my sweet Love). Them people can make any easy-peasy run the run from hell. After kicking two idiots we finally found someone who knew what the skull target was and didn't ninja stuff they couldn't use...

Sometimes I wish you had to undergo some sort of IQ test before you could use this game.

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