Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hunter -> 70!

Yes yes, I've finally gotten my hunter to 70. It's taken a while, I've had her for something like 1,5 years, but played her only now and then. Good thing is you don't have to play hunter much to level them. You just run around and kill some random stuff and suddenly you hit 70. Such an easy class.
And now I can finally equip them epic gloves (Crystalhide Handwraps) I bought like half a year ago, they've been rotting in my bank ever since. Until now!

And now I'm busting my ass off to do myself a flying machine. First of all I've gotta skill up my engineering, and that's a major pain in the ass of course, as with nearly all crafting proffessions when they near 375... And then you need revered with consortium to do the Elemental Seaforium Charges. I'm not even friendly :S Luckily enough a guy in my guild can do them *phew*

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