Thursday, April 17, 2008

Leotheras daun!

And the title says about it. I passed some t5 gloves to another priest as I had gotten shoulders and pants before... or which way was it? Ah I passed something anyway. I'm such a nice girl.

The fight was quite easy for a healer, the real work was with the dps dpsing when they should and not when they shouldn't, which sometimes seems hard to accomplish ^^ Raidhealing this guy was great fun actually. Two wipes and we got him on third try (I think it was). Soon we can get badgeloot too, we're at 90% or so. First thing I'm gonna buy me is teh übernice chest... *drool*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Long time no see

Long time since I said something. Mostly because not much special happened, I've been playing up some different chars, so that my paladin, druid and shaman soon are 70 too (they are all over 62 anyway).
But tuesday and today we did some nice and fun progress in the guild worth writing about! My guild does Kara badgefarming, Gruul lootfarming and ZA for progress. There are some bosses we hadn't manage to down in ZA.
Tuesday we tried our first time on Malacrass. Easy enough and down on the first try. Zuljin was up next and that fight was quite tougher than Malacrass. We tried some times, learned one phase at the time (except the first two which are quite easy) but after getting him to 8% at one try we all knew we were tired and unfocused and left happily with the experience instead of the loot, and went to bed.
Today we did our first run in SSC. First up was Lurker Below. After three tries we got him down, yet again one of those fights which is quite easy when people learn to stay away from the Spout and such. Hydross turned out to be an even easier fight, for me as a healer it was cakewalk all the way. Only the dps and the tanks must've had a hard time keeping track of the different phases and when the adds come and yadayada, but as a healer Hydross is really quite simple. Failed the first time coz zome over-eager dps snatched aggro and pulled him to the wrong side. Got him down with no casualty the second time. Well I think I died once from the adds but I was Combat Ressed, so I didn't have to watch the fight from the floor like with Lurker :S