Sunday, December 30, 2007

Main Tank?

I tried out my brand new protspecc in MT yesterday. Half way through the instance the rogue whispers me and asks if I would be interested in joining their guild later on, since they thought of doing raids, needed a tank and thought I tanked "good as hell".
Aw that's so sweet.
Tanking as prot is very easy anyway, even when you have crazy ass people in the party who overpull and other stupid stuff. I like it.
And I only did 4% less dmg than the rogue and shadowpriest! Yeah!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The final step

After some holiday travelling I've finally taken the step... and respecced my warrior to prot. Yes, it's true. And also it's more fun than I thought! Thanks to Shield Slam and Devastate it's not all that lame as I initially thought. I haven't tried out tanking with it yet, but killing works ok. Way faster than killing single mobs with my protadin anyway -_-
Speaking of which, only one more level for Outlands with it! It'd be my fifth char in Outlands then.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Did I mention I hate LBRS?

Did a LBRS run with my druid the other day. Thought it can't go all wrong, but it did. We had no less than three possible tanks, counting both feral druids (I'm resto) and the hunter pet, and yet I died something like 10 times. I dinged tho and got new bracers (magisters) so I suppose it wasn't all waste of time. Took something like 3h... Oh my god I hate that place. Not as much as I hate BRD, but that's another story. Being resto and all I don't like questing, at all. I haven't even bothered buying a mount to that char, because I never leave the major cities except for the rare occassional healing, and then I expect to be summoned (which never ever happens, but that too is another story).

Me and Love often discuss things that should be improved in the game. I will only mention one now because it is the only one I remember for the time being.
Him playing a nubkin atm was annoyed at there not being any ranged non-mana-costing dmg for them to do. Since nubkins can't use wands, all they can do is either try to stare the mob down (if they run or frost nova or such) or use manaspells, which isn't any fun if they only have like 1% left.
Well, so based on this problem we thought of the Feathertoss skill, which would allow the Moonkin to do a ranged hit which would be entirely based on staffdmg (or what else they would be holding in their "hands"). So basically a ranged melee strike. Not imba, but better then nothing ey?

Well more interesting ideas coming up.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok I will tank...

So I've succumbed to the needs of a proper tank on our (and prolly most other) servers and decided that I can tank now and then with my warrior. What's been keeping me all this time? Well if you scroll down some you'll find some reasons, I think... Some other reasons is it's boring, hard and boring. And skilling one-hander sucks. I skilled my one-handed mace so I could tank now, and it took seriously two hours or something. And then it's only for one-handed maceskill! What if I find this really nice one-hand axe? Well off and skill for another two hours. Yes it sucks. They really should change that somehow, why should it take so much time to skill weapons?

I tried to tank some and it went really well, although we had an asswipe hunter in the party. You know, one of those eho doesn't know how to turn off growl from the pet and tries to tank everything himself. He finally removed his pet allthogether after enough whining from my side, but we kicked him in the end anyway. We did better without him.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I tried to play a fire mage... but it just wasn't me. So I respecced my mage to frost and it feels so much better now. Found an ally hunter and thought we could be friends. I'm really not the fighting type, especially not when questing. Apparently she thought otherwise. Bastard.

I like the CoT instances. Unless you utterly fail in them (which happens when you have a nabby group) they're all very time efficient and theres really little time for pausing. That's good. Some people go take stupid smoke breaks and what not mid instance. No time for that there. Or the classic "I will stare at the mob 5 min before charging it"- warrior, "It'll take me 2 min to sneak in circles to sap"- rogue and "You wanted me to sheep it now?"-mage.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Yet another crusader...

Did a "crusader-run" with Love yesterday, meaning we spanked some scarlet ass. It went so much better than the last six times we did it, but I suppose some extra epics and a new cool specc with my warlock does that. We got another Truefaith Vestment pattern. Since we sold the last one for 60g something, when it still was crap (in comparison to BC gear) I am hoping it could be worth a little more now that they've buffed it some. But we'll see. Demand always sets the price.

Did a Kara run with my priest, and of course the only drops were plate and leather. Fortunately all bosses drop some badges now, and just raiding is actually quite fun so it was all good anyway. Got killed twice as Little Red Riding Hood tho, I'm really not that good at running like a little girl as one could think...

Skilling mining sucks so much by the way. From 200 to 300 takes ages! I have decided that henceforth all my chars will have herbalism, if any proffession.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Protadins are overpowered

Dinged my little protadin twice. She was so rested I thought she deserved some attention. Respecced her too (barely, just moved like 7 tp in the prot tree). Respeccing is alot of fun! Couldn't really decide how much I wanted to put in prot and how much should go into holy. But I'm not high enough level for that to be an issue yet, so I'll struggle with that later. So far she is all prot anyway.
Now she will be on a break till she is enough rested again. Back to my warrior! Later...

Found some friendly alliance in EPL too, where I grinded her levels. A dorf hunter and an ugly mage-gnome, that's just so cliché.
I overpulled alot and used LH... three times. That means I must've played for more than three hours. WoW sure eats time.
Time to cook some dinner. No work tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Warrior DING!

I had a period in my WoW-life when I said "bouaaammm" instead of "ding". It really sounds more like "bouaammm"...

I dinged him to 64 today anyway. Got spell reflection and had Love do me a macro that switched to my shield and cast spell reflection. Haven't got a good opportunity to try it out yet tho.

The rogue from yesterday whispered me and wanted to discuss the "warrior should tank coz they're warriors" thing. I'm thinking, you don't ask women to have children just because they can. Don't ask me to tank just because I can. I didn't say that tho. He called himself a "class-nazi" and said he expected classes to do their job gladfully. I pointed out that he couldn't even lp and was last at dps yesterday (like 15% below me). Oh my he got cranky. Complained about one of his daggers being red half of the instance. Like that's an excuse! Only makes him seem more stupid.
At the start of the instance he linked all the things he was going to need and said he wanted all the skins. I'm not a skinner and I don't wear leather so that's fine by me.
The boomkin/healer druid said "well I think I'm gonna need them (the items)... because I can and to piss you off ;)"
The rogue didn't find that funny at all. Everyone knows druids joke about needing on rogue items to piss them off. It's funny! Well there was alot of QQ in that boy anyway.

Killed a shammy today. Then she ankhed and killed me. Damn those shammies.


Played my warrior today. Just came home from a trip and thought I'd wind down some and ding him to 64. Got a group to SP where I didn't have to tank! We had a holy paladin who tanked instead and I am quite sure she did a better job than I would've, I can't even begin to tell you how boring it is to tank with a warrior. And the rogue in the party was all like "Omg, warriors only exist to tank" and then he tells us he aint got enough lp skill to open the chest... -_-

So we're at the second boss and suddenly the server restart message displays on our screens. 15 min to go before the servers are shut-down, woopie. We only have two bosses and one mob to go, but the pally dies and since we aint got no other resser (our healing druid had already used his CR on an over-pull) he had to run. That cut some 5 min of our time. But don't worry, we made it. Entire instance dropped crap tho. Like the resilience neck, wtf :/
Didn't have time to ding, and I'm only 4 bars away! Ah well, got something nice to look forward to tomorrow then.