Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Played my warrior today. Just came home from a trip and thought I'd wind down some and ding him to 64. Got a group to SP where I didn't have to tank! We had a holy paladin who tanked instead and I am quite sure she did a better job than I would've, I can't even begin to tell you how boring it is to tank with a warrior. And the rogue in the party was all like "Omg, warriors only exist to tank" and then he tells us he aint got enough lp skill to open the chest... -_-

So we're at the second boss and suddenly the server restart message displays on our screens. 15 min to go before the servers are shut-down, woopie. We only have two bosses and one mob to go, but the pally dies and since we aint got no other resser (our healing druid had already used his CR on an over-pull) he had to run. That cut some 5 min of our time. But don't worry, we made it. Entire instance dropped crap tho. Like the resilience neck, wtf :/
Didn't have time to ding, and I'm only 4 bars away! Ah well, got something nice to look forward to tomorrow then.

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