Thursday, December 6, 2007

Protadins are overpowered

Dinged my little protadin twice. She was so rested I thought she deserved some attention. Respecced her too (barely, just moved like 7 tp in the prot tree). Respeccing is alot of fun! Couldn't really decide how much I wanted to put in prot and how much should go into holy. But I'm not high enough level for that to be an issue yet, so I'll struggle with that later. So far she is all prot anyway.
Now she will be on a break till she is enough rested again. Back to my warrior! Later...

Found some friendly alliance in EPL too, where I grinded her levels. A dorf hunter and an ugly mage-gnome, that's just so cliché.
I overpulled alot and used LH... three times. That means I must've played for more than three hours. WoW sure eats time.
Time to cook some dinner. No work tomorrow!

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