Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Warrior DING!

I had a period in my WoW-life when I said "bouaaammm" instead of "ding". It really sounds more like "bouaammm"...

I dinged him to 64 today anyway. Got spell reflection and had Love do me a macro that switched to my shield and cast spell reflection. Haven't got a good opportunity to try it out yet tho.

The rogue from yesterday whispered me and wanted to discuss the "warrior should tank coz they're warriors" thing. I'm thinking, you don't ask women to have children just because they can. Don't ask me to tank just because I can. I didn't say that tho. He called himself a "class-nazi" and said he expected classes to do their job gladfully. I pointed out that he couldn't even lp and was last at dps yesterday (like 15% below me). Oh my he got cranky. Complained about one of his daggers being red half of the instance. Like that's an excuse! Only makes him seem more stupid.
At the start of the instance he linked all the things he was going to need and said he wanted all the skins. I'm not a skinner and I don't wear leather so that's fine by me.
The boomkin/healer druid said "well I think I'm gonna need them (the items)... because I can and to piss you off ;)"
The rogue didn't find that funny at all. Everyone knows druids joke about needing on rogue items to piss them off. It's funny! Well there was alot of QQ in that boy anyway.

Killed a shammy today. Then she ankhed and killed me. Damn those shammies.

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