Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I tried to play a fire mage... but it just wasn't me. So I respecced my mage to frost and it feels so much better now. Found an ally hunter and thought we could be friends. I'm really not the fighting type, especially not when questing. Apparently she thought otherwise. Bastard.

I like the CoT instances. Unless you utterly fail in them (which happens when you have a nabby group) they're all very time efficient and theres really little time for pausing. That's good. Some people go take stupid smoke breaks and what not mid instance. No time for that there. Or the classic "I will stare at the mob 5 min before charging it"- warrior, "It'll take me 2 min to sneak in circles to sap"- rogue and "You wanted me to sheep it now?"-mage.

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