Monday, December 17, 2007

Did I mention I hate LBRS?

Did a LBRS run with my druid the other day. Thought it can't go all wrong, but it did. We had no less than three possible tanks, counting both feral druids (I'm resto) and the hunter pet, and yet I died something like 10 times. I dinged tho and got new bracers (magisters) so I suppose it wasn't all waste of time. Took something like 3h... Oh my god I hate that place. Not as much as I hate BRD, but that's another story. Being resto and all I don't like questing, at all. I haven't even bothered buying a mount to that char, because I never leave the major cities except for the rare occassional healing, and then I expect to be summoned (which never ever happens, but that too is another story).

Me and Love often discuss things that should be improved in the game. I will only mention one now because it is the only one I remember for the time being.
Him playing a nubkin atm was annoyed at there not being any ranged non-mana-costing dmg for them to do. Since nubkins can't use wands, all they can do is either try to stare the mob down (if they run or frost nova or such) or use manaspells, which isn't any fun if they only have like 1% left.
Well, so based on this problem we thought of the Feathertoss skill, which would allow the Moonkin to do a ranged hit which would be entirely based on staffdmg (or what else they would be holding in their "hands"). So basically a ranged melee strike. Not imba, but better then nothing ey?

Well more interesting ideas coming up.

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