Friday, December 7, 2007

Yet another crusader...

Did a "crusader-run" with Love yesterday, meaning we spanked some scarlet ass. It went so much better than the last six times we did it, but I suppose some extra epics and a new cool specc with my warlock does that. We got another Truefaith Vestment pattern. Since we sold the last one for 60g something, when it still was crap (in comparison to BC gear) I am hoping it could be worth a little more now that they've buffed it some. But we'll see. Demand always sets the price.

Did a Kara run with my priest, and of course the only drops were plate and leather. Fortunately all bosses drop some badges now, and just raiding is actually quite fun so it was all good anyway. Got killed twice as Little Red Riding Hood tho, I'm really not that good at running like a little girl as one could think...

Skilling mining sucks so much by the way. From 200 to 300 takes ages! I have decided that henceforth all my chars will have herbalism, if any proffession.

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