Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok I will tank...

So I've succumbed to the needs of a proper tank on our (and prolly most other) servers and decided that I can tank now and then with my warrior. What's been keeping me all this time? Well if you scroll down some you'll find some reasons, I think... Some other reasons is it's boring, hard and boring. And skilling one-hander sucks. I skilled my one-handed mace so I could tank now, and it took seriously two hours or something. And then it's only for one-handed maceskill! What if I find this really nice one-hand axe? Well off and skill for another two hours. Yes it sucks. They really should change that somehow, why should it take so much time to skill weapons?

I tried to tank some and it went really well, although we had an asswipe hunter in the party. You know, one of those eho doesn't know how to turn off growl from the pet and tries to tank everything himself. He finally removed his pet allthogether after enough whining from my side, but we kicked him in the end anyway. We did better without him.

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