Monday, March 30, 2009

Thoughts on Holy Fire

Holy Fire has definitely been buffed and is now actually an usuable spell. Remember before when it had a gruesome 3,5 sec cast time (talented down to 3 sec or sumthin) and was practically only used as an opener.
So compared to that I am happy to say it has become a really good spell for any holydps priest rotation (them priests who wants to heal at low levels but don't wanna suck too much in solo questing, like me).
But what's up with the dot? Not until the last rank does it do more than like 150 dmg, in total, and lasts 7 sec. That's not long enough for any rogue to care in pvp and not strong enough for anyone else to care for that matter either. So what is the meaning of it?
Well I sure as heck don't know...

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