Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Glory of the Hero

Me and some friends have been working on the Glory of the Hero-achievement, where you do a set of achievements in the different heroic dungeons to get a cool proto-drake mount. And it has been a tough ride, with many wipes and many tears of joy when you finally hear that "clonk"sound from a succeeded achievement. But it has been fun! We're not completely done yet tho, we still have on measly achievement left to do - Make It Count in Oculus.
But why I really bring this up at all is because some of these achievements are really easy, some are fairly difficult and need plenty of planning and timing, and some are... nearly impossible.
Here is a little list of my personal favourites (from a healers perspective).
Zombiefest; This is a really fun achi majorly because of a major flaw (although it's not the only flawed achi) - all those zombies dying at once can actually make you majorly d/c. This happened to us on both our tries, where me and the tank both d/c'd simply because our connection to the server wasn't fast enough to process all that information. I know it's because I have a bad computer, because Love - who was sitting next to me - didn't d/c, and he is sitting on the same connection. The first time this happened we wiped big time. The second time we wiped too, but just after we got the achi fortunately. So be careful if you have a slow computer!
Volunteer Work;
An achi that is just enough difficult to still be fun. She hit's way harder when enraging, but it's copable with skills and timing (like moving from the whirlwind), which is what achievements should be all about imo.
Share the Love;
If you look beside the point that this achievement is bugged (which means you don't always get the achievement eventhough you succeed) it's a good one, since it isn't easy, but not extremely hard and boring. You can "help" the boss choose the right target (by placing them closer) and so this is mostly about gear and skill.
Good Grief;
Especially fun for a healer, since this is all about the healers skills. The dps/tank don't have to do anything different, but the healer has to nukeheal (I think I had something like 7,5k hps on this achievement). And this is where a holy-priest really can show their skills (basically spam PoH, CoH and PoM), so this was a fun achievement.

And then... the really hard, but fun ones;
Watch Him Die;
A really fun achievement, because it is extremely hard and all about skills. This is what I would call the Sarth 3d of heroic dungeon, because it requires everyone to do everything exactly right. I would never do it again, but it was really fun when I did ^^
Hadronox Denied;
The difficult thing about this achievement is aggroing Hadronox before she has closed the gates that spawn more mobs. This is a fun achievement because the mobs that spawn heal her when she kills em, if they don't go for the healer (me) first. This mean you really have to grab her in the neck and nuke her down. And that's always fun.

And the pain in the ass one - yes, there is one achievement that really should be removed from the game. It is all about luck and nothing about skills, and worst of all - the healer is basically useless.
Less Rabi;
Grrr, just typing it makes me angry. I was the only one in our group that hadn't gotten this achi, and everyone else had gotten it by pure luck. Like they went into the instance for the first or second time ever, didn't even know or think about achievements, and got it. Seeing as Make it Count really isn't that difficult I thought that this was really all that stood between me and my beautiful proto-drake. And we tried and tried and tried and tried. But seemed as if our dk's (our group consists of 2 druids, 2 dk's and me) just couldn't get the interrupting right. So yesterday we hired a resto shammie from my guild, got him to spec Reverberation (I paid of course) and got this done. But it still wasn't easy, oh no. Still took us about two hours and 20 tries-ish. Because even if you have the shammie just spam the earth shock/wind shock button, stuff can still go wrong. Interrupting him after the third transform isn't really about skills, it's about luck. Sometimes he uses quake and transforms while everyone is stunned. What is there to do about that?! And if you bring him below 50% too fast (and thus speeding up time between transforms) he can actually cast a new transform within 4 sec of the previous one. So although it's supposed to happen every 5 sec, it sometime happened every 4 sec and even 6 sec apart! And all I could do was stand and watch and hope the interrupters would get it right.
Well he drove me crazy, but we finally -finally- got this done last night. And I swear, it was the best moment of my wow-life so far.

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