Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New patch, new fail

I was lucky at first, and I usually am. Whenever a new patch comes I have some (most) addons acting up and all I need to do is update them and problem solved. We saw some entirely new issues with this patch tho, one especially annoying must be the talent-bug which can come in various shapes and forms. Some lose all their tp and skills. Some only lose their tp. Some lose half their tp or can't use some skills. Some lose their tp only when they log/zone/switch spec. At first I smirked at those affected, since it seemed I was off the hook on this one. Didn't notice any problems on my chars and could easily switch between specs and whatnot. A friend in another guild had some major issues where all her talents just went gone, she was basically laughed at by some GM (or at least so she felt although I think she over reacted) and quite understandably went rather bananas about not being able to play her main, at all, when new raid content was out. Some hateful mail to Blizzard later, she was given 2 months playtime as compensation. But where was I... oh right. I smirked because I had no problems whatsoever and Love said gleefully to another friend of ours, whos tp kept refunding, that it was all about skill.
Well seems karma got me on this one, or my skill just dropped low. I got it first on my retridin (69). I noticed that all of her talents where gone, but I could still use all the skills. Like Crusader Strike and Repentance etc. I didn't bother much since what I really cared about was being able to kill stuff.
But then some days ago, it happened again. On my (second) ele shammy (41) I was set back some tp. Instead of being to place as if I were level 41, I can place tp up to level 38. Wth? I checked the forums for some easy solution, because I didn't want to spend my hard earned gold on respecs just because Blizzard can't program properly. But I couldn't even see the problem mentioned. Weird, I thought. Isn't this one of the biggest issues in the new patch?
So I ticketed a GM. Yesterday. About 18 hours ago. It still says "Wait time currently unavailable".
Guess I should've seen it coming.

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