Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gold flows

I don't care much about AH and making money. I usually don't have any trouble making it although I never do dailies and I never grind for stuff (well it has happened occasionally). I just level another alt with some herba/skinning proffession and that gives me all the money I need. That keeps me at about 15000g constant.
Love on the other hand is an AH-slut. He sits there several hours a day. And he was prepared for the 3.1 dual-spec changes and the money that could be made from that. Well I doubt he really knew the frenzy that would come, but he had actually stacked up enough inks, glyphs and spare time to satisfy the market.
On the first four-five days or so, from wednesday patchday to about sunday, he had made.... 60000g.
He uses alot of addons to keep it rolling, which actually doesn't require him to do much work at all, just log in and repost his glyphs all the time.
60000g in four days.
It has calmed down now, thank god or he would've capped his gold in no time.
So if I need anything ever I can just poke him for it! Yesterday he just gave me 1000g to dualspec my lock alt.
One could say I'm now his in-game luxury-wife.

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