Saturday, April 25, 2009

Healing in Ulduar - Razorscale

So I've done some Ulduar runs, three to be exact and we've downed all bosses to Freya so far. I thought I'd give some ideas on how the healing works (for me as a disc priest that is) on the different encounters, starting with Razorscale (skipping Flame Leviathan for obvious reasons).
What are the easy/hard parts and what to think about?
Healing Razorscale:
First of all, this is one of the easier fights in Ulduar. Basically just tell people to stay out of the blue clouds on the ground and you'll be quite alright. What problems can arise? The hard part starts when Razorscale lands. Prior to that she blasts down fireballs (or sumthin like it) on random target which is easily healed with a shield (glyphed) or flash heal. Keep Prayer of Mending up on any target (preferrably starting out on one of the tanks) and it'll bounce around doing good like it should. One can keep shields up on the raid if they like, but on this fight it's no necessary. Any dmg done to the raid can be healed and doesn't need to be prevented.
Like I said, the tough part is when Razorscale lands and she is kited (at least that is how we do it). I won't say anything about what the tanks are doing, because I honestly don't always know every class tactics perfectly but keep an eye on who takes damage and why instead. Now here is a problem with reach. Every so often the tank runs out of range, if you're not quick with running along. Might be worth keeping in mind. Another problem is a rather nuky blow that Razorscale does, which combined with the reach-problem could become lethal. But, again, this is a rather easy fight and just keep shield up on the tank and a Penance ready and there should be no problems.
To think about:
- The healing gets tougher when Razorscale lands
- She does a nuky blow, be ready for it
- Keep range to tanks who will run around

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