Saturday, March 1, 2008


I knew that after some whining about the evil fact that holy paladins can use four times more loot than holy priests (although plate of course is to prefer, one rarely says no to goodie goodie upgrades) something was bound to happen. I have done plenty of runs to Kara with my holy priest and last time I got something was October-November, I can't even remember it, it's that far away! I think it was my first run there too...
The problem wasn't really the guild being evil, the guild is actually great, the problem was that nothing ever dropped. Or well it did, leather, mail and plate... I saw countless paladins gear up (our guild has mostly paladin healers I think) and thought "well something just has to come my way soon". But no.
So I posted some whiny posts on the guildforum about the cruelty of the world and the like. And what would you know? The two runs after that I got something like six gear pieces. And again, me being the only holy priest in the guild, this has mainly to do with the damn stuff not dropping at all than me not getting it when it does.
Now I feel fit for ZA.

I'm leveling my paladin at the moment, as a tank, coz that's the most fun. And how fun! So easy, can tank fire mages five levels higher than me with quite ease. The threat output of a paladin is insane, at least the first minute...
Thought tanking as warrior sucked... it was so hard! I did a SL the other day with a fire mage and boomkin and shadowpriest (yes sucky setup) and I had to taunt like all the time. And I thought "hey, I really suck at warrior tanking". And then some days later when I found out I for some reason hadn't bought Intercept and went to do so, I found out I had played with rank 1 Devastate, Shield Slam and Revenge all along... I remembered I had respecced from fury to prot when I dinged 70, but had of course forgotten to buy the new ranks.
Suddenly I thought I was great, having tanked that good with that crappy skills ^^ My god I'm nubby sometimes.

I still haven't bothered skilling engi either... I have 8k gold just waiting to buy an epic mount. Soon soon. According to my estimations I need seven primal fire for my last skills. Which isn't much at all. But I'm too lazy to get it now.

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